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Leaving its own path of destruction behind, the hurricane is one of the most common Natural Disasters in the world.
The Titanic was the largest ship afloat in the early 1900’s, but after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, the ship sank, causing one of the most devastating disasters in modern history.
Most of the disasters we've highlighted here are caused by nature, and only occasionally helped along by humans.

Or we might just ignore the signs of impending disaster, toss this map aside, and hope for the best. By looking at previous incidents of disaster in a given region, as well as places where fault lines and giant gobs of magma wait under the Earth for the perfect time to spew. It is natural that when such a system is heated in exponential way through our material activity and when the parallel world design is upset by eating on the time given to cool, the system goes into disorder.
It accelerates and both forces of heating and cooling peaks and fall violently leading to huge destruction from forces of Mother Nature.

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