Open the car doors, remove all the floor mats and let the interior dry out as best you can. For cars older than 10 years, make sure to remove everything inside, including the spare tire and repair kit. Like many others, the staff of Orion Car Care on West Bellfort had to clean up after heavy rain flooded the parking lot.
After a car has been flooded, you should open the doors, pull out the floor mats and park your car in the sun if you can. Having seen the devastation that can be wrought on the coastlines and at sea level, sitting around and waiting to see what happens is not advisable. Insurance companies pump these cars onto the market everyday after rebuilding and restoring them. When vehicles are totaled, the insurance company pays the insured and issues a "branded" title indicating the type of loss (Salvage, Rebuilt Wreck, Flood Victim), and takes possession of the vehicle. Answer: Conduct a pre-purchase inspection and title search on any and all pre-owned cars you may purchase, whether the car comes from a new-car dealer selling the car as used, a used-car lot, local mechanic shop that sells cars or a private seller. When an insurance company labels a car "totaled" as a flood victim, the title is branded as a flood loss.

Chop shops and unscrupulous rebuilders with the intent to restore the vehicle as cheap as possible and sell it at auction buy the flood vehicle at the auction and rebuild the car to running condition.
To protect yourself from buying a flood victim, rebuilt wreck, rebuilt stolen vehicle, or a salvage vehicle make sure you have a pre-purchase vehicle inspection done by a trusted repair shop and conduct a title history report through a reputable company such as CARFAX.
Because of that, the auction circuit will once again be "flooded" (pardon the pun) with flood cars, trucks & SUVs. But it isn't always easy to tell, and there are some unscrupulous resellers who will try and palm off a flood car on you if you aren't careful.
Purchased by some dealer who wasn't good at spotting the tell-tale signs of a flood vehicle -- or is so intent on finding a deal, he doesn't look closely enough -- they are then taken home to his lot and sold. These conditions could be an indication of odometer tampering or rollback while the flood car was being refurbished for resale in an effort to get a higher price at auction.
If your car simply stews in the floodwater without being dried out, various electrical components and wiring could be put at risk for permanent damage.
You can always check CARFAX's flood damage site to determine the kind of damage a flood vehicle has sustained, so you can "make sure your next ride isn't a waterlogged wreck." Simple enter the vehicle in question's VIN number to get all the gory details. Neither the dealer, nor the retail buyer knows what they are buying because they did not run a title history report on the vehicle prior to purchase.

They look at the seat mounting bolts where the seat fastens to the floorboards to see if they rusty. The rebuilt clean-titled flood victim is sold at a premium wholesale price (much higher than the thief invested in cost factor and labor), takes it across the country to your local car dealer. The Mississippi River was the culprit again, swelling its banks and, like recently, many cars were lost. Following these guidelines should help steer you away from a potential flood victim or any other vehicle fraud. A good body shop near you should be able to assess the damage and tell you what can be fixed -- and what can't. The only way dirt of this nature can get into these areas is if the vehicle was submerged in dirty floodwater.

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