A tornado found in Oklahoma on May 22, 1981 where the dust and debris cloud can be seen forming at the surface. This tornado, from May 3, 1999, formed from the old part of a thunderstorm system while the new part was being formed. This photo of a tornado in its early stage of formation was taken in Union City, Oklahoma on May 24, 1973.
Here is the development of the previous photo as it shows the same tornado but in its later stage.

Friends and neighbors try to remove debris around the remains of a farmhouse after the tornado that hit Union City, Oklahoma on May 24th, 1973. A tornado that was traveling over the open ground of a farm in Carteret County, NC on June 7, 2004. Damage to the roof of this condo was part of a weak (F0) tornado that swept through Cocoa Beach, Florida in February of 2008.
This home was damaged by a strong tornado (F3) that ripped through Deland, FL on February 2, 2007.

They have a very high energy density which means that they affect a small area but are very destructive to that area.

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