To earn a January 2002 National Weather Service StormReady designation, Van Wert County, Ohio, placed a series of warning alert systems in public locations, including the movie theater (shown in photo) that was destroyed in a November 10-11, 2001 tornado outbreak which killed 35 people.
From the first scene involving an F-5 tornado to the second-to-last tornado of the movie in particular, (which was the inspiration behind the Twister ride at Universal Studios) this movie can be quite scary. I hate movies that have bad guys simply for having bad guys, and that's exactly what he is.
Were it not for them this movie would be flirting with the 9 range, but because they are there this movie gets docked to the 6-7 range. From the beginning of tornado disaster movie, "Into the Storm", we are treated to the most magnificent special effects that Hollywood can create.
One of the most quintessentially crappy 90s characters that could possibly exist, I wish so much that she isn't in this movie in any way, shape, or form. Additionally, to counteract the wonderful love story is the fiancee of Paxton in the movie, played by Jami Gertz.

Most of the acting here is terrific, with Helen Hunt putting in one of her better performances for this movie. They show up a lot throughout the movie, and it really does take you out of it quite a bit. You should have talked about Expendables III, as it was a MUCH better movie, more exciting too!
Unfortunately, as is the case in nearly all disaster movies, the plot, dialogue, and acting of "Into the Storm" are a disaster. The movie opens humorously, with a scene featuring two low-wisdom yahoo storm chasers who look like they came straight out of "Jackass". Very strong indications of ongoing magma movement, in connection with dyke intrusion, is corroborated by GPS measurements. They put on the most believable acting job of anyone in the movie, but unfortunately, are only minor characters.

As evidence of magma movement shallower than 10 km implies increased potential of a volcanic eruption, the Bar?arbunga aviation color code has been changed to orange. The characters range from bland (meteorologist Allison) to annoying (Vice Principal Gary, whose school gets devastated by a tornado) to drab (his son Donnie, who gets trapped in rubble with his wanna-be-girlfriend Kaitlyn), to downright obnoxious (storm chaser Pete.) The scene of Donnie and Caitlin trapped in tornado rubble and recording their final words on their cell phones for posterity is quite possibly the most melodramatic and painful disaster movie scene in cinema history. The main characters of the movie were its tornadoes, and they certainly put on an impressive performance that was thrilling at times. In their 8 am EDT Sunday Tropical Weather Outlook, NHC gave the disturbance 2-day and 5-day development odds of 10% and 20%, respectively.

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