If you are avid about the arts you should look into volunteering at a local art gallery or museum.
I got involved with my local community by starting a homework club at a local underfunded elementary school. If you want to help local kids but don’t necessarily have the time to start up your own homework club you can always get involved with your local Boys and Girls Club. If you have a well behaved, sweet animal you may be able to get him or her certified as a therapy dog.
There are countless ways you can get involved with your local community and make a real difference. Working at a food bank may include serving food, chatting with people getting a meal, cleaning up, cooking, and many other tasks that are far from difficult and can actually be fun.

Not only will you learn a great deal but you will also meet people within your local arts community that could give you the guidance necessary to someday prosper in this industry. Once your pet is certified you can bring him along to retirement homes, children’s hospitals and almost any other location. Volunteering benefits everyone including the volunteer, and there are so many ways you can donate your time. After all, it only takes a couple spare hours a week to influence positive change in your community. Get to know the people you are serving, simply talking to a homeless person can be extremely eye opening. Volunteering at your local animal shelter may include getting the animals out for playtime or walks, as well as cleaning and feeding.

You can make a big difference in someone’s overall health and wellbeing by visiting local retirement homes and socializing with residents. Take it one step further and document your experiences on social media or through a blog to help reduce false perceptions other community members may have about homelessness.You can locate food banks in your area here. Teachers will help you spread the word but you may also hand out flyers and post to social media to get more kids involved.

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