RV tanks for those who want a reliable way to keep their water contained and contaminant-free while leading a fast-paced on the go lifestyle. Blaze Plastics takes pride in being locally owned and operated here just outside Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Pepsi-owned Aquafina uses water from municipal sources in Mississauga, Ont., and Vancouver. Recent reports of drugs in our drinking water might have some people heading for the bottled water aisle of their nearest grocery store, but in most parts of Canada, choosing bottled water over tap is a matter of taste or convenience, not health. Outside of Quebec, labels on bottled water that is not spring or mineral water don't have to specify the source of the water, even if that source is your municipal water supply.
Mineral and spring water sold in Canada must specify the source of the water on the label, but water that comes from municipal sources does not. The company never admitted wrongdoing but settled the suit out of court in 2003, agreeing to pay $10 million US in customer discounts and charitable donations and step up water-quality monitoring. Many of the companies that sell bottled tap water claim their product tastes better than what comes out of your faucet.
A worker vacuums activated carbon from a filter at a water treatment plant in Charleston, W.Va. Increasingly, federal and local governments, as well as some university campuses, are finding those costs too high and are adopting restrictions on bottled water. Better than Other Containers: Standard size WaterBricks can cross stack and interlock up to 4 feet high (stacking of half bricks is not recommended unless intermingled between standard size WaterBricks).
Better than Other Bulk Storage Drums or Tanks: WaterBricks stack like bulk storage but are individually easy to move for Grab & Go taking your water where you need it.

ReadyPlus by Fulfords for disaster preparedness and emergency drinking water long term storage tanks, filtration and purification needs. Toronto tests water samples every four to six hours and checks for more than 300 potential chemical contaminants.
Other containers on the market claim to be stackable but many stores will tell you they are not safe as they can easily be knocked over and they can not stack more than 2 containers high. Compare WaterBrick to typical filled 55 gallon drums or tanks that are impossible to move or take with you if you are forced to leave your home during an emergency.
When storing materials, especially hazardous waste, it is important to bear in mind the type of storage bin that is needed.
These unique water containers, unlike any other, can also hold food and other life essentials while adding value by cross stacking up to 4 feet for maximum efficient storage. Water from the tap is subject to more rigorous water quality guidelines than bottled water.
Bottled water is ubiquitous in modern society and the industry is estimated to be worth more than $170 billion. Canada is far ahead many parts of the world when it comes to the quality of our drinking water. Carbon filtration at the municipal level is less effective at capturing pharmaceutical compounds, says Rick Andrew, a water quality expert with NSF. For many municipalities, it's not worth investing in sophisticated treatment systems that filter such compounds given that the trace levels found in drinking water have not proven to be a health risk. The Water Brick can hold 3.5 Gallons of Liquids or up to 27 Pounds (264 Adult Servings) of Dry Foods.

WaterBrick plastic storage containers are being hailed as the most innovative use of HDPE plastics in 20 years. In Canada, three out of 10 households drink bottled water at home, according to Statistics Canada. The standards organization NSF International, which certifies the vast majority of water treatment chemicals and equipment, has tested and certified 23 products to date that have the ability to reduce eight types of prescription and over-the-counter medications and expects to add more in the coming year.
Additionally, they provide a green alternative to the non-recyclable bags and disposable containers currently being used to bring water and food to remote sites in Haiti, Africa and other locations worldwide. Municipalities test their water sources constantly to make sure they are within these limits. Wide diameter lid opening with notched easy grip lid allows for an average adult to pull stored contents out of the container by hand.
We feel that, when it comes to water tanks, Canada is a ripe market and we’re more than happy to arrange delivery service to a variety of Alberta locations including Leduc, Nisku, Red Deer, and Calgary.
The lack of fluoride in bottled water, which usually contains none or lower levels than tap water, is another potential health concern that has been raised by health professionals who believe it helps prevent tooth decay. The bottled water industry says it uses only a tiny portion of Canada's water supply compared to other industries, such as power generation. The Pacific Institute, which conducts research on water use and conservation, has estimated that bottled water is up to 2,000 times more energy-intensive than tap water.

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