There are so many code requirements that most codes devote an entire chapter to water heaters, However I will try to give you the details specific to your location. An approved drip pan is required if the heater is mounted in an attic space, on a wood floor, or a floor subject to damage by water. If a gas water heater is installed in a garage or an unfinished basement it must be elevated a minimum of 18" above the finished floor. If a water heater is installed in a garage it must be protected by bollards set in the concrete.
There may be no direct connection between copper piping and iron water pipes or tank vessels. The code requires a union on both hot and cold water lines, however, if the tank is connected by means of flexible copper supply lines they meet the requirement for the union.

If your water supply pressure is greater than 80psi you are required to have a pressure regulating valve on the water main,,and an expansion tank on the cold water line immediately ahead of the water heater. The water lines must run a minimum of 12" vertical before turning horizontal or you will be required to form high loops in the copper flex lines or install formed high loops. T&P VALVE- All water heaters must be equiped with an approved Temperature and Pressure relief valve.
You will have to check your local codes to determine what type of flex line you may run from the gas line to the water heater gas regulator.
When finished all pipe joints and fittings on the gas line MUST BE checked with a solution of soap and water.
Water heaters may not be set above 120 deg F unless all showers are equiped with an anti scalding regulator valve.

My personal preference for pipe dope is a product called "Non hardening Rectorseal but it can be difficult to find in hardware or home supply stores. If you have a family or you live with multiple people, then arguments about hot water usage have more than likely come up at least once or twice in your household. Water Heater Install Call 1-877-GO-LOWES or see a Lowe's associate for details.
You can also visit your local Lowe's store or discuss your project by phone at 1-877-GO-LOWES. first aid kit
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