November 18, 2014 by Ted Mackel · 3 Comments Simi Valley Earthquake Preparedness proper water heater bracing.
Heavy furniture, shelving and appliances that are not anchored may become dislodged during an earthquake and can cause damage or injury, or can block an emergency exit for occupants trying to escape. Toxic substances that are stored in breakable containers may spill during an earthquake and cause a hazard to occupants. Other earthquake-related events, such as fault ruptures, liquefaction of soil, dam failure, lateral spreading, landslide, and tsunami account for the remaining 1% of damage.
This detail is only to provide information on how to strap the water heater for security in case of an earthquake.
Areas of the country that are less prone to seismic activity typically have less stringent building codes that govern earthquake preparedness.

Catastrophic earthquakes are rare, but even minor ones can cause substantial damage to homes that are not sufficiently reinforced. Please be aware that there is a minimum clearance that must be maintained between the bottom of the water heater and the floor which is not indicated on this diagram. Homeowners significantly decrease the probability that their homes will be adversely affected by a seismic event if these weak spots have been identified and addressed before an earthquake strikes. Family: water, food, or put this bag when carrying heavy items, valuables and other useful.
Earthquakes are a serious threat to life and property not just in California, but in many parts of the United States.
According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 45 states and territories in the United States are at moderate to very high risk for earthquakes.

Damage resulting from earthquakes in the United States is estimated at $4.4 billion per year, according to a 2000 FEMA report. Walls that are constructed out of unreinforced clay, concrete, stone, adobe or brick masonry may fail in an earthquake because the mortar that binds them together is typically not strong enough to sustain seismic activity.
Rooms that are built over garages may collapse during an earthquake because the strength of the walls in the vicinity of the opening of the garage door is reduced.

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