Store up to twelve 3 or 5 gallon water bottle in your home or office on this easily configured water bottle storage rack! This all plastic bottled water storage system is a perfect solution for organizing your bottled water!
And you may be able to autoclave a Nalgene bottle, but even that will not remove the growth resulting from a protein shake. Keep all your bottles together or split the rack to have water bottles stored in different places (such as separate office floors).

Photo of black Bottle BuddY System is shown with optional floor protection kit and Twin Cap and Connector Stabilizer Kit. I use sterilising tablets that are used for sterilising baby’s bottles when my bottles get skanky. Seems like a lot if bottles I collect them two but probally should just toss out all but a few.
This is the number of kits needed to configure your Water Storage System as shown in the photo of the Black Bottle BuddY.

Or when they are too bad I throw them away, after all they are less than $5 and Elite bottles are biodegradable.

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