Between the high school and college teams, 15 young women signed up for specific time frames when they could serve as volunteer coaches.
Every year, more than 600 people volunteer their time in a variety of ways both in our Community-Based programs and on our campus as Mentors, Tutors, Role Models, and much more. The interaction between the Little Lady Lumberjacks and the volunteer coaches was important in terms of giving the girls a first-hand look at the level of play they could someday reach, providing that they stick with the game.

Opportunities for religious, school, employer, and community groups interested in volunteering together.
Another piece of the puzzle that Robertson assembled involved USA Hockey’s American Development Model. Volunteering, at its best, provides personal satisfaction to the volunteer, plus significant benefits to the children and families.

Volunteers are an integral part of the CV family, providing hundreds of hours of dedicated service to the children in our care every year.

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