Add a pair of goggles and disposable breathing mask for each member of the family to your disaster supply kit.
Evacuate immediately from the volcano area to avoid flying debris, hot gases, lateral blast, and lava flow. Close doors, windows, and all ventilation in the house (chimney vents, furnaces, air conditioners, fans, and other vents. If you require more information about any of these topics, the following are resources that may be helpful.

Lava flows destroy everything in their path, but most move slowly enough that people can move out of the way. While not immediately dangerous to most adults, the acidic gas and ash can cause lung damage to small infants, to older adults, and to those suffering from severe respiratory illnesses. Website with volcano activity updates, feature stories, information about volcano hazards, and resources. Look upstream before crossing a bridge, and do not cross the bridge if mudflow is approaching.

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