Facebook is preparing to launch a new emergency alert system designed to help members of the public find missing or abducted children. International Telecommunication Union Global System for Mobile Communications mobile phone standard. The woman inside was arrested, and Victoria reunited with relieved mum Melissa McMahon three hours after she went missing. The standards for the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, the Country Fire Authority and VicSES have had significant revisions in 2009 and 2010 following the Black Saturday fires.
Telstra has been awarded the contract to build a national telephony-based emergency warning system in the event of a life-threatening natural disaster. Vodafone Hutchison Australia has now signed on to provide location-based emergency warnings during times of disaster or national emergency. The Victorian Government is overseeing the negotiations with Telstra, Vodafone and Optus on behalf of the nation. The developers of a radio-based emergency warning technology have secured backing from a Coalition Senator as they continue to lobby the Government to consider their technology against a SMS-based system supplied by Telstra.
Telstra’s submission to the Senate Inquiry on Emergency Warning systems subsequently called for additional strategies to preserve the supply of electricity in the event of disasters. In correspondence with the YellowBird developers sighted by ITnews, the Attorney-General rejected criticism of the Telstra's NEWS system. A WORLD-first emergency alert system to deliver text messages to mobile phones will be in place this year.

Today, Victorian Deputy Premier Peter Ryan, together with Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, announced that the state had come to an agreement with Vodafone to sign on to the warning system.
The federal government has initial responsibility for answering emergency calls from the public. Auditor-General's Office based on Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Computer Aided Dispatch data for 24 June 2014. The RF Innovations RFI-148 100 Watt VHF paging transmitters, implemented by LSE Technology Australia, is a vital part of the system and serviced 30,000 personnel in the Country Fire Authority, Rural Ambulance Victoria and the Victoria State Emergency Service. A tender is currently out for the provision of developing the capability to deliver text messages based on the physical location of a mobile phone during an emergency. The telecommunications company joins Telstra, which made the decision to assist in the development of a national emergency alerts system in January. The YellowBird ALERT (Automatic Linking to Emergency Radio Transmissions) system allows emergency authorities and radio stations to selectively switch on radios in areas impacted by an emergency or disaster.
The radio technology which drives the Yellow Bird Alert system has received no funding or testing of its merits, he said.
The letter adds that the Federal Government defers to States and Territories on the use of emergency warning systems. Auditor-General's Office based on Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Computer Aided Dispatch data.
The wide area coverage provided by the simulcast system allows message reception by emergency personnel state wide.

Vodafone has come to an agreement with the Victorian Government to help contribute to an updated version of Australia's national emergency alert system.
Roxon and Ryan said that negotiations with Optus are progressing positively and are expected to be finalised shortly, but also clarified that the alert service should not relied on as the only source of emergency information. The locally-developed technology was overlooked by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2009, members of which decided that telephony (rather than radio) was the appropriate technology to back for an emergency warning system. YellowBird developers estimated it would cost approximately $600,000 to test the efficacy and merits of the system in the field. Such integration would allow a functional emergency warning system to function without the need for intact power, mobile telephone and computing resource networks, a similar situation to that encountered in Japan after recent disasters there,” Robson said. These simulcast paging systems consist of sophisticated comprehensive message management and reporting, with a 24x7 Network Operations Centres and help desks for network users.
No part of this material may be reproduced, translated, transmitted, framed or stored in a retrieval system for public or private use without the written permission of the publisher. The resulting National Emergency Warning System (NEWS) was put to the test during the recent floods in Queensland.

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