USRB - Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch [Internet]; Oct 22, 2015 [cited 2015 Oct 22].
For More Information Based in Matawan, New Jersey, US Radar is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surface-penetrating radar, also known as ground-penetrating radar, systems. Thunder Creek Equipment, based in Pella, Iowa, offers fuel and service trailers and DEF delivery solutions. The cart-based, walk-behind systems employ radar frequencies that discover buried infrastructure components, construction remnants, and various sub-surface anomalies to enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of new excavations and installation of new utility network components. You can rest easy, because your electrical job will be in the best and most skilled hands that it can be.
The company employs union workers and operates from four full-service shop locations throughout New Jersey. Since 2002, US Radar has been an independent company with complete manufacturing and engineering capabilities and worldwide customer marketing, support, and service. Not only that, they’re also industry certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field.

It’s a damage-reduction and avoidance technology.” The company’s GPR operators are specialists who not only understand the technology and know how to use it, but also have interpretive skills in analyzing the results. I also have a great affinity with music, and particularly trailer music, which I discovered in 2001.
USRB - Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch [Internet]; October 22, 2015 [cited 2015 OCT 22]. Kiely Construction Co., of Long Branch, New Jersey, has built a successful utility installation business by focusing on safety, reliability, and efficiency. Kiely Construction serves utility companies throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.
Each unit incorporates a portable computer that analyzes the radar signals and displays the results on a screen, easily visible to the GPR unit operator. In addition to excavation, installation, and restoration of underground utilities, the company also offers pressure testing, welding, plastic fusion, and high-pressure tapping and stopping services. It currently uses four GPR systems from US Radar, including this 500 Series model, designed for locating utilities up to 15 feet below the surface.

Kiely got a head start on the competition when it became the first excavation contractor in New Jersey to perform directional drilling for the utility industry, safely and efficiently applying the new technology for installing gas lines, water lines, and electrical conduit. Kiely Construction specializes in the installation of underground utilities, including natural gas, water, telecommunications, electric, and sewer. Those hours included courses in more than 15 categories, such as general safety, operator qualification, trench and excavation (competent person) training, hazardous materials operations, fire extinguisher, natural gas emergency response, forklift safety, work zone safety, confined space operations, and pipeline facility locating. Its fleet encompasses mobile equipment, covering every category of equipment required for utility excavation and installation.
The company was formed in 1994 to promote the Seeker SPR technology, determine and test new applications, and identify product improvements. One of the biggest benefits in using GPR is finding unmarked lines, and giving that information to the crew to help prevent damage.

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