If there is not enough memory on your device, the original map is either saved to the your computer (for devices using TomTom HOME) or stored online (for devices using MyDrive Connect), while the new map is installed on your device.
You will see the map you want to install on the left, and any maps that can be removed on the right.
When you want to use the original map again, follow the applicable Return to original map procedure to exchange the maps again . However, if those directions are wrong due to a mistake or change in the maps used, your TomTom loses some of its value. Maps are stored on your smartphone – so you can plan a new route, get re-routed, or search for points of interest. Not only can you download free updates provided by other TomTom users, you can also make map corrections as you drive.

When you connect your TomTom to your computer, you can upload any changes you have made to maps and then download any available map updates you choose.
The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is to download the TomTom Home application. Along with allowing you to receive map updates from the TomTom Map Share community, TomTom Home has many other benefits as well. For example, it will notify you if there is a new quarterly map, service update, or other software available for your TomTom device.
There are several options available, such as Corrections I Made Myself, Corrections Verified by TomTom, and Corrections Reported by Many. You can select as many or as few sources for free updates for your TomTom maps as you wish.

After selecting the free map updates you want to download to your TomTom, click Done and wait for the map updates to be installed. Just in case you are wondering, TomTom reports a very low amount of fraudulent map updates provided by TomTom users.
To avoid such updates, opt for updates verified by TomTom and those reported by many users.

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