United States with state borders, major cities, rivers, and lakes.Use this map as-is, or customize it using the tools in Adobe Illustrator.
Standard License - Royalty-Free (Single Seat) License Our standard license, which you get when you purchase a map from our web site - is a Royalty-Free License.
Websites, as long as the map is not the primary content of the web page, or used primarily for attracting internet traffic or advertising.
The Multi-Seat Royalty Free License permits multiple users to access and work with the maps. For projects that exceed the limits of our standard RF license, we offer Extended licenses with reasonable licensing fees and a simple purchasing process. Permits a maps to be used in an electronic product or service, software program, app, e-book, online curriculum, hand-held device, news service, phone network, and broadcast production, including TV, movie, theatrical and video production.

Permits a map to be used in a resale product where the map is a primary element such as an atlas, print, poster, bulletin board, whiteboard, puzzle, or any other product where the map is prominent and other elements are incidental. Permits a map to be used on items that will be produced using an on demand system, such as posters, prints, map wallpaper, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, engraving templates, etc. About EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) Vector Format Maps Map Resources EPS maps are vector format files, with all areas, lines, and text set to print as-is at the highest print quality. JPEG format maps can be opened using Adobe Photoshop, as well as using many simpler and low-cost or free image viewers such as Preview, Paint, and software distributed with digital cameras.
This map of United States shows country borders, country names, major rivers, lakes, roads, and cities.
These cool vectors are very good for business cards, to create Photoshop layered design with actions, for brushes and patterns, brochures and flyers, fashion design, logos and icons, web-design, or labels and stickers and so on.

Note: If the map is an incidental element of a resale product, an Extended License is not required.
Our maps are saved in Adobe Illustrator CS3 file format, and are fully compatible with versions CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6 for either Macintosh or Windows.
Detail includes country borders, major roads, rivers, lakes, and city locations of United States.

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