Alaska Range: Mountains of south-central Alaska that extend from the Alaska Peninsula to the border of the Yukon Territory, Canada. New England may have smaller mountains than the western US, but don’t let this fool you. Mitchell in North Carolina at 6,684 ft (2,037 m)Brooks Range: Mountains of northern Alaska. Since these mountains are further north and are some of the highest in the Northeast, cold air makes snow a good bet for most storms.
This process is called orographic lift and is responsible for creating more than half of the snow that falls for the resorts on larger mountains.
Let’s take a look at the mountain ranges in New England, how these ranges create their own weather and where you can find the highest snow totals. This entire range sees the best snow with moist winds from the northwest, which rise quickly from the lowlands around Lake Champlain to the 4,000-foot mountain summits.
Their conclusions are that sightings of mountain lions have become more common in the region over recent years and it appears that lions prefer to stay close to their traditional habitat (woodland forests, riverine corridors and steep or broken terrain) since 79 percent of all confirmed sighting occurred within 50 kilometers of such terrain. There has been an increase in the number of "confirmed" mountain lion sightings in states that do not currently host viable populations.
In Cougar Rewilding Foundation's report, researchers eliminated all identified duplicate records and narrowed their list of potential lions down to 76 over a twelve-and-a-half year period. Since the late 1970's, mountain lions have been dispersing into as well as establishing small breeding populations in five island-like habitats east of the Rockies: Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Charles M.

At over 6200 miles long the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is officially the longest mountain range in the world. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) presented the results of their recent DNA analysis of cougar sightings in the Midwest, specifically focusing on the increased number of reports in Missouri. Minor hills and mountains are found in the Ozark Plateau of Missouri, and in the Boston Mountains and Ouachita Mountains of northwestern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. In the southern part of New York are the Catskills, which rise abruptly from 200 feet in elevation near the Hudson River to over 4,000 feet at Slide Mountain. For example, no one predicted that the mountain lion killed in Connecticut in June 2011 had traveled over 2,000 miles from the Black Hills of South Dakota until DNA results were matched to sightings and DNA samples taken along the lion's eastward path through South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, (up through Canada), then New York and finally Connecticut, and someone connected the dots. Keep up to date with ongoing scientific research and news stories about mountain lions by signing up for MLF's updates.
In this edition of our audio podcast ON AIR, volunteer Craig Fergus interviews wildlife biologist Clayton Nielsen about his work mapping dispersal corridors for mountain lions into the Midwest, and analyzing areas of good habitat in anticipation of potential breeding populations in the region. Western Continental Divide is an imaginary line that sits atop a continuous ridge of mountain summits that divide the continent into two main drainage areas. The Rocky Mountains, about 3,000 miles in length, extend from the U.S State of New Mexico up through the western United States and on into the northernmost reaches of Canada's British Columbia. Nielsen's research indicated that mountain lions arriving in Missouri most likely traveled established corridors from Texas, but genetic evidence proved otherwise.
Since the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine are only about 50-75 miles from the coast, they are close enough to the storms to see good moisture but far enough from the warm air near the coast to stay all snow.

Mountain lions are not necessarily using the most obvious wildlife corridors to reach a particular destination.
Sierra Maestra (Cuba)Sierra Nevada: This mountain range of eastern California is about 400 miles in length. The tediously slow migration of individual females moving east means that it takes many generations for lions to expand the range of their breeding populations even when individual males have wandered thousands of miles away.
The natural return of the American lion to portions of its historic range has long been noticed by the public and now verified by science. First, key population cores along the eastern edge of the species' current range (such as the Black Hills region) need to be protected from local policies and actions that would eliminate them as national source populations or "breeding colonies." No matter what members of state game commissions might think, a majority of lions live and breed on federal lands and subsequently belong to all Americans.
Stretching the length of Vermont are the Green mountains, which extend from the Canadian border all the way south into Massachusetts.
In your own words, illustrate the value of mountain lions, the threats they face, and why you hope to see them survive someday on your local landscape.

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