The location for Highlander Orientation Check-In is located in Pentland Hills Residence Hall at 1 Pentland Way, Riverside, CA 92521. UC Riverside is at the crossroads of Southern California - and at the major issues of our time.
Located on nearly 1,200 acres in Riverside, the park-like UCR campus is at the heart of the Inland Southern California region, which hosts a population of more than 4 million. In addition to the main Riverside campus, the university operates the UCR Palm Desert Center, a facility that provides educational programs, research, and outreach to meet the needs of the greater Coachella Valley region. Black students at UC Riverside graduate at a higher rate than the university's overall student population, new figures show. In fact, UC Riverside is the only campus in the system where black students have a higher graduation rate than the university as a whole.
In their official statement about the rates, UC Riverside officials celebrated the news, even though they couldn't really point to a clear reason for it.
I wondered if UC Riverside was enrolling a black student population that was more academically prepared from the start.

UC Riverside has always been one of the Universities with the most diverse student population. UC Riverside is grateful to be an integral part of the Inland Southern California community.
Heat is UC Riverside's annual multiplex music festival presented by the UCR Highlander Union. Let UCR Conference & Event Services help you host your next conference or summer programon UC Riverside's beautiful campus in a wonderful educational setting. The Washington Monthly and Time magazine both rank UC Riverside at the top of universities for success with low income students. Another asset, located in downtown Riverside, is the UCR ARTSblock, which includes the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, the Sweeney Art Gallery, and the California Museum of Photography.
Black students made up 8 percent of the freshman class at UC Riverside in 2008, compared to 4 percent of the system as a whole.
I've studied there for three semesters then I left to study index in Israel on scholarship, and I have the best memories from UC Riverside.

They're obviously doing something right and others could well learn a thing or two from Riverside. Our faculty of 650 scholars is distinguished by more than a century of impactful research, and today UC Riverside is a living laboratory for the exploration of issues critical to communities at home and abroad.
The campus has excellent town-gown relations with the City of Riverside, which was named 2012 "most intelligent city" by the Intelligent Community Forum.
Riverside is in an ideal location for road trips, with Disneyland and Orange County within a 40-mile drive and Los Angeles about 60 miles away.

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