Beyond damaging and destroying physical infrastructure, natural disasters can lead to outbreaks of infectious disease. Natural disasters can be split in three categories: hydro-meteorological disasters, geophysical disasters and geomorphologic disasters.
Geophysical disasters are the second-most reported type of natural disaster, and earthquakes are the majority of disasters in this category. Diarrhoeal epidemics are frequently reported following natural disasters in developing countries. Natural disaster happens in all over the world not only in the Pakistan and wherever the this condition is appeared in any part of world then the whole world get together and help the effected peoples.There are many types of natural disaster which Pakistan has to face every year. A 7.6-Richter scale quake struck the Kashmir region on the India-Pakistan border and parts of northwestern Pakistan on 8 October 2005. Natural disasters affect the economy immediately and directly, as well as having a long-term impact. In this article, two UNU-IIGH researchers and colleagues review risk factors and potential infectious diseases resulting from the secondary effects of major natural disasters that occurred from 2000 to 2011, classify possible diseases, and give recommendations on prevention, control measures and primary healthcare delivery improvements. Overall it killed 730 people and affected the lives of 2 million people in Pakistan making it the third deadliest cyclone in the history of the country. Increased risk factors and outbreaks were also reported after Typhoon Nali in China and Taiwan in 2001. When viewing disasters in relation to populations, analysts look at several factors, particularly the types of areas hit and the demographic groups affected. In 20th century, a number of cyclones also devastated the western Pakistan, along with earthquakes.
Thus it denoted several hundred-million dollars to help Pakistan through its worsening drought.
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Committee to oversee symptoms that frequently types of natural hazards in pakistan go away after the covering topics such as dog care, breeding and. Statistics provide hunting reminder that no country is without risk of being hit by natural disasters. The Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 killed over 220,000 people according to the United Nations and made millions homeless, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.

From floods to earthquake to other natural disasters, the past century has seen devastating disasters.
Over the past few decades, the incidence and magnitude of natural disasters has grown, resulting in substantial economic damages and affecting or killing millions of people.
Hydro-meteorological disasters, like floods, are the most common (40 percent) natural disasters worldwide and are widely documented.
The overwhelming majority of deaths immediately after a natural disaster are directly associated with blunt trauma, crush-related injuries and burn injuries. On the topic of outbreak and classification, one final note regarding the myth of infectious disease transmission from dead bodies: Still controversial and frequently overstated is the assumption that dead bodies pose a significant risk for the transmission of infectious diseases after a natural disaster.
Cyclones that effect Pakistan lose much of their intensity by the time they reach country’s coastline. The number of natural disasters have considerably increased in the 21st century in Pakistan as compared to 20th century, there have been more disasters in first 10 years of 21st century. Recent disasters have shown that even the most developed countries are vulnerable to natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina in the United States in 2005 and the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Documentation of disease outbreaks and the public health after-effects of tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) and tornadoes, however, is lacking. The prevention and control checklist provided in our paper shows the measures to be undertaken in order to avoid infectious diseases following natural disasters. Natural disasters and infectious disease outbreaks represent global challenges towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Not much is known about this cyclone but it is the deadliest tropical storm in the history of Pakistan as it caused 10,000 casualties in Karachi on 15 December. The risk of infectious disease outbreaks in the aftermath of natural disasters has usually been overemphasized by health officials and the media, leading to panic, confusion and sometimes to unnecessary public health activities.
According to data collected by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), human toll from natural disasters in the last 100 years has been staggering. Nowadays I m thinking about the natural disaster and their solutions and mean while I make a decision to write something on this topic through the film annex, because only film annex is the platform in my life where I share my feelings and the problems and important events of my country.
It made landfall in Tharparkar and Hyderabad district in Sindh province in Pakistan on 12 June. Today I am going to discuss the natural disaster in Pakistan because Pakistan has to face the problems of natural disaster about every year.

As the graph indicates, draughtshave claimed more lives than any other natural disaster in Asia. To put the financial losses for one year in perspective, in 2012 alone Asia lost US$15 billion due to natural disasters, according to data released by the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED). Nine Asian Development Bank member countries including China, India and Pakistan, have large land areas within the arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid zones and therefore, as the table shows, these countries remain most vulnerable to desertification.
Pakistan along with other nations of Indian-Sub continent have seen a lot of flooding especially during the monsoon season,Pakistan has seen 9 major flooding since 1947.
It has a lot of problems both internally and externally, from economic sector to defense sector, similarly Pakistan has also seen many worst natural disasters in its 64 year life. It was considered the worst flooding in Pakistan since 1950, the monsoon rainfall caused massive floods that killed 1,000+ people and made some 13,000+ people homeless.
The pre-1947 era also saw some disasters that wrecked havoc in western India (present-day Pakistan). The region remains exposed to more natural disasters and according to the Asian Development Bank, the region’s economic progress will be undermined by the rising number of floods, landslides and other disasters.
As the graph shows, earthquakes have led to massive loss of human lives in China, Pakistan, Indonesia and India. The unprecedented geographical scope and the number of people killed made the Tsunami one of the worst natural disasters in Asia.
Up till now that is 2011, some of major disasters have occurred in Pakistan from 2005 Earthquake to 2010 floods.
Following are the deadliest cyclones in Pakistan’s history, these cyclones caused fatalities greater than 100.
Drought is an on and off phenomena in Pakistan, drought mostly affect the southern parts of Pakistan when there is no precipitation in the country. Global population growth, poverty, land shortages and urbanization in many countries have increased the number of people living in areas prone to natural disasters and multiplied the public health impacts.

Risk mitigation plans
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