Factors like soups final longer and you can self effectively so that even if the meals supply. Hazards present potential threats which may be natural (hurricanes or earthquakes) or man-made (industrial accidents, war, civil conflict). Disasters occur when the poor and vulnerable are unable to cope with a major hazard due to underlying social, economic, environmental or political pressures. Diagram 1 : Disaster occurrenceTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes. A hazardous situation in a country may turn into a disaster when the affected society cannot cope by using only its own resources. Diagram 2: Typical disaster cycleTo download the diagram, 'right click' on it and then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu OR go to Annexes.

Natural disasters, also referred to as sudden onset disasters, are emergencies caused by natural, technological and environmental calamities.
The risk of natural disasters is increasing because of population growth, urbanization, and alteration disruption of the natural environment, substandard dwellings and public buildings and inadequate infrastructure maintenance. Disaster risk relates to the chance of negative consequences when a particular hazard affects vulnerable people or locations. Under the circumstances, when lives and property are at immediate risk, humanitarian organisations may deploy emergency teams. The actions and activities described below will only relate to natural disasters but the Logistics Cluster will have similar functions in technological and environmental disasters. Clusters are activated in the case of large-scale emergencies which exceed the in-country capacity of those agencies and other humanitarian organisations that are active in the area on a routine basis.

If and when the disaster occurs, the humanitarian sector and governments provide the necessary relief supplies and coordination in a timely manner through use of prepositioned stocks and established coordination mechanism. Relief activities are initiated by the humanitarian community to respond to the immediate needs while planning and preparing for the longer term requirements is being done.

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