From mega tsunamis and major earthquakes to supervolcanos and deadly floods, we look at the natural disasters predicted to wreak havoc on the planet any time soon. A small fishing boat displaced 4,500 miles by the Japanese tsunami has landed on a Washington beach almost two years after the devastating natural disaster.
When it does come, it will cause a mega tsunami that will hit with the power of an atomic bomb travelling at the speed of a jumbo jet.

The taskforce reported a spike in tsunami debris between April and June 2012 on Washington's coastal beaches. Although 70 per cent sank near the shore the rest floated elsewhere with much still out at sea However, year by year the amount is declining.According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), debris from the tsunami is now so dispersed it can’t be seen by satellite.

How to protect us from nuclear radiation and attacks
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