Again the packaging is the same as all the other Movie Transformers figures, just in a box because of the voyager class figure’s larger size. You just can’t have perfect articulation and a convincing transformation at the same time usually, though the Protoform preview figures I reviewed earlier did!
Starscream is a skill-puzzle of a Transformer and I can’t see any kid transforming him, or his parents, without a major headache.
Usually you’ll get a gun or some weapon with your basic Transformers, here with the movie figures it’s hit and miss to even get those.
Scorponok has zilch, in fact if you buy the 2-pack he’s basically Blackout’s other accessory because he attaches underneath and can be carried around! Let’s see, Blackout’s rotor blades detach easily if you smack them against something, but that’s better than breaking. When it was announced that a Transformers film was in the works, some experimental animatics were created that showed a helicopter based Transformer with a head that very much resembled G1 Soundwave.
Blackout is packaged in the standard Voyager sized box curving on the right side and flat on the left. While there is larger sized Scorponok figure, the symbiotic relationship between the two characters almost requires that some type of Scorponok figure be included with Blackout.
Of all the Decepticons in the movie, Blackout stands out as the one fans got to see first in the earlier trailers, and he figured heavily in the trailers released after that. Often when the Transformers designers approach a vehicle, they start with something inspired by real life and let it ride from there. Swing the cockpit section back then forward, activating Blackout's Automorph feature that reveals his head.
There have been a lot of helicopter Transformers over the years, but Blackout definitely has a very distinct appearance that separates him from all the others. The arms and lower body are very much in line with the look of the movie and the CGI model.
Blackout retains the same primary plastic colors from the vehicle mode, but a lot more black shows here, distinguishing different sections from one another. I must confess that I was rather disappointed that Blackout does not have the arm cannons he is shown using in the trailer during his attack on the desert base. Ultimate Transformers News Source for Combiner Wars, Robots in Disguise, Age of Extinction, G1, Generations, Third Party, Reviews, Comics, Games, & More! It's almost the end of Combaticon Awareness Week, and so we come to a close on our reviews of the Deluxe members of the team with Swindle. It's our first review for Combaticon Awareness Week, and we're looking at Vortex, one of the two unmodified recolors of the Deluxe assortment.

Tonight chuckdawg1999 is back after the Fracture review he shared with us to bring a look at the general retail version of Robots in Disguise Megatronus.
Our friend chuckdawg1999 has dropped by the forums again to share a new review with us, this time taking a look at Warrior Class Fracture from RID, a figure we only first saw in color for the first time during Hasbro's pre-NYCC media event, previously only being known via a leaked testshot.
Vangelus has gotten hands on a near final testshot of Andras, the X-Transbots take on Scourge as a Masterpiece-style figure, and posted a detailed review. Forums member chuckdawg1999 has shared with us a new review video looking at Battle Grimlock, the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock retool released recently in Transformers Adventure.
RAC reviews Combiner Wars Mirage, who is quite good - better than Sunstreaker or Ironhide, that's for certain - despite not living up to the Classics figure that preceded it. On Radio Free Cybertron's new review channel, diecast has posted a video featuring Sphinx, the Mirage-inspired figure from Mastermind Creations. Yep, you’d better get use to seeing giant robots because on July 4th Michael Bay’s new live-action Transformers hits the theaters! Scorponok comes either carded or in the same package as Blackout if you go for the exclusive 2-pack.
Here they’ve actually given some extra paint ops that don’t usually appear on Transformers. Here we’re treated to above the normal Transformer articulation but with missing points of course.
The top of Blackout’s helicopter body turns into a weapon and attaches on his shoulder for some fan-spinning-action. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are ready to make their move and Needlenose isn''t going to let any Autobot stand in his way. The review goes over the figure in a lot of detail, showing everything it has to offer, including the first production bonus parachute accessory. You can search by keyword or browse alphabetically by name to see reviews of action figures, TV shows, collectables and more. The sculpting on some of these figures is quite detailed and you’ll be amazed how they’ve become more and more technical-looking for the movie.
Blackout is primarily molded in blue-gray and black plastic with smaller blue sections painted in here and there along with his cockpit. He does attach to the bottom of Blackout’s hull so maybe there’s a reason for these paint ops in the movie. Blackout has basic articulation with a swivel head, full range arms tho not ball-jointed and writs that move up and down. There’s still no waist swivel (no movie figure I have so far has one) and his head only turns left to right.

Some of the Transformers are way too challenging to transform for your average 8-year old but for us older fans they’re just perfect. We'll have more reviews coming up to go along with out Combaticon history articles, so keep watching! Poor Scorp got the short end of the stick in the paint department and even the mini-scorp that comes with Blackout shows more detail with its paint wash.
His legs tho are chock full of moving parts and both dual joints in his knees, including his ankle work. Scorponok is my favorite of the bunch because I appreciate the design that went into his mechanical workings and how they got him to attach to Blackout so the two really are ‘symbiotic’ in a way like described.
Go check out our review, featuring video, plus text and photos to see why Swindle wins out and salvages the wave. Watch our video review, as well as text and photo coverage to find out what's up with Brawl.
The toes moved as does the back heel but due to the shape of his foot there’s no actual ankle articulation.
His hips don’t move out to the side very far, just enough and they do swivel around, though that’s limited too due to the panels and such getting in the way behind him. You’re getting a ton of moving parts and really cool designs with these figures, I’m surprised Hasbro is actually making money here with how intricate they are. There's still more reviews to come, so keep checking back and catch all our excellent Combaticon history articles. He’s suppose to be a huge, slow-moving Transformer who carries others around so I’m not too concerned about Blackout needing to do a flying jump-kick.
My suggestion, snag these while you can, they’re excellent figures and I hear they’re going to be replaced by a new Cartoon series line after the movie has run its course.
Sins of The Wreckers #1 is written and drawn by Nick Roche with colors by Josh Burcham.Continue to the full review!
On Blackout’s undercarriage is a little compartment that holds his mini Scorponok, upside down.

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