After suffering one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recorded history, and what is likely to be a record-setting April for tornadoes, the U.S.
The average number of tornadoes (based on the past three years) in May is 322, while the average for June is 296, according to the Storm Prediction Center. While there could still be several more tornado outbreaks over the next few months, the odds of having another extreme outbreak like Wednesday's is highly unlikely.
Years in which April was an unusually active month for tornadoes typically were not followed by well-above-normal activity in May and June.
Tornadoes are a rare phenomena and require the right ingredients to come together in order to form.
As spring progresses, the threat for severe weather and tornadoes tends to shift northward and eastward across the Plains and East, as the jet stream, an area of maximum winds high up in the atmosphere, shifts northward.

Whether tornado activity over the next two months is above or below normal, there will be more tornadoes that develop. A major tornado multivortex wreaked havoc across the western portion of the Brazilian state of Parana on November 19, 2015.
Almost 40 unconfirmed tornadoes were reported to batter the US Plains, as of November 17, 2015. VORTEX2 is the largest and most ambitious field experiment in history to explore tornadoes. A collaborative nationwide project exploring the origins, structure and evolution of tornadoes will occur from May 10 through June 13 in the central United States. The original VORTEX program, operated in the central Great Plains during 1994 and 1995, documented the entire life cycle of a tornado for the first time in history.

Both of these months are typically the two most active of the year for tornadoes. The question many people are asking now is how bad will May and June be this year, especially after such an extreme April that has yielded more than 1,000 reports of tornadoes.
The weather pattern that has been allowing these ingredients to come together in April typically isn't conducive to well-above-normal tornado activity in May and June. The project, Verification of Origin of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment2 (VORTEX2 or V2), is the largest and most ambitious attempt to study tornadoes in history and will involve more than 50 scientists and 40 research vehicles, including 10 mobile radars.
V2 will build on the progress made during VORTEX and further improve tornado warnings and short-term severe weather forecasts.

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