The storm action plan (above) is posted near all HERO mass warning system devices, part of the emergency notification system.
Suggested shelter locations are marked yellow in the fire exit floor plans posted in primary public spaces across campus. Practicing your plan is the ultimate way to ensure that it’s been understood, and it also helps to make your family confident in their ability to get to a safe place. View sample fire exit floor plans: Campus Center, second floor and Maplewood dormitory (PDFs). We thought we might share some tips for family preparedness in the face of inclement weather in the hopes that it will inspire you to revise your own plans at home, or in the workplace. Address all of these questions and more in your plan reviews, and see that everyone is accounted for.

In the event of an emergency, it is very important to remember that communication is key to ensuring everyone’s safesty!
Familiarize yourself with designated shelter locations, marked on the fire exit floor plans that are posted in primary public spaces across campus.
Since 1950 fewer than 10 tornados have occurred in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg.
We had a brush with tornadoes ourselves earlier this week, and, as crazy storms continue to rock the nation, we’ve taken it as a reminder to work on revising our own emergency plans here at TechSmith HQ. Ask your family for input, questions, and concerns to make the plan the best that it can be. Locate emergency shelters in your area, and consider consulting with your neighbors to create a neighborhood plan.

Download the established guidelines and recommended procedures (PDF) in the event of tornado watches and warnings received on campus as determined by the National Weather Service. Creating a digital plan makes it easily reproducible, meaning you can print a copy for everyone and ensure that it will never get lost.

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