It's time to take shelter, gang - because here at National Geographic Kids, we're about to learn all about one of nature's most powerful and destructive forces! Follow members of a National Geographic team as they careen into the hearts of storms and take a closer look at tornadoes and the phenomenal forces that drive them.
Tornadoes peeled roofs off homes, tossed big-rigs in the air, and left flattened tractor trailers.
Some may appear as wide funnel-shaped clouds, others as thin rope-like swirls stretching from the ground to the sky.4) The duration of tornadoes, and the distance they travel, varies.

In extreme cases, however, they can last several hours and cross distances over 150km!5) Tornadoes are measured using the Fujita Scale (or F-scale), ranging from F0 to F5, with F5 being the strongest and most destructive.6) The deadliest tornado ever recorded was in Bangladesh in 1989. As it travelled through the Dhaka region of the country, more than 20 villages were destroyed and around 1,300 people were killed.7) Most of the world's tornadoes occur in the United States in what's known as Tornado Alley.
In fact, they can be invisible until they pick up dust and debris, or a cloud forms within the spinning funnel.10) The formation of a tornado is so complex that scientists still don't completely understand it.
And what's more, the unpredictability of tornadoes makes them difficult - and dangerous - to study.

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