In light of this event and the impending severe weather the North Dallas area may be facing today, now is a good time to remind you about how to prepare your home and your family for a disaster. Back in 2011 after the town of Joplin, Missouri, experienced a horrific tornado, our emergency management team traveled to the area to offer help and to learn more about how the hospitals there responded to the disaster. During the Joplin disaster, backboards were in great demand to aid in the transport of patients who are immobile.
Although we can not anticipate or prepare for every type of disaster or predict the magnitude, Baylor and other hospitals regularly hold disaster drills and training to educate the staff and prepare them for any emergency situation that may arise. The local hospital in Moore, Oklahoma was unfortunately severely affected by the yesterday’s tornado, but their staff is no doubt trained to respond to the disaster and is working tirelessly to care for their patients and community members. Customize the bug-out kit for tornado preparedness with fundamentals like the NOAA weather radio, a pry bar and a 4-in-1 emergency tool. Critical tornado disaster supplies are stored together in one bug-out bag, packed and ready to go. A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for tornado development and tornadoes are possible in your area. A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been seen in your area or that radar indicates the presence of a tornado.
Inform your children about tornadoes, so they will know some of the signs, and will stay alert.
If you are in a car when a tornado hits get out and find a ditch, lie down in the ditch and cover your head. Tornadoes are sometimes obscured by clouds or rain, and there is sometimes no visible funnel cloud.
With thesebug-out kits everyone can be ready for whatever disasters their area may hold, tornado or otherwise.

Make sure everyone in the family knows where to go, what to take, and how to be safe if a tornado hits.
Purposes you can are so a lot of debates for is injured in a disaster, your knowledge of first help will be invaluable. Legacy’s tornado bug-out kit is filled with valuable, life-saving disaster preparedness supplies. He and his team are responsible for initiating crisis protocols at our hospitals should a disaster like a tornado affect our facilities.
Thanks to Legacy Premium bug-out disaster preparedness kits, you can have peace of mind no matter what comes your way.
Plan for four people with the premium package or prepare two-person disaster preparedness supplies through the basic or deluxe kits.
A tornado emergency means that a tornado warning has been issued and it is heading toward a densely populated area. Never go outside during a tornado to witness or calculate the distance of the tornado from your current location. Part of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape.
Tornadoes usually only develop in the presence of thunderstorms (though the thunderstorm may be some distance away from you), so lightning, rain, and hail (especially if occurring after a tornado watch or warning has been issued) should put you on guard. Legacy Premium simplifies your preparations by offering tornado preparedness supplies and disaster bug-out kits.
The basic bug-out disaster preparedness kit delivers a heavy-duty backpack full of essentials like meal replacement shakes, water containers, flashlight and radio with batteries, and an emergency guide. A disaster supply kit is a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, and you should take appropriate precautions and watch for tornadoes. Tornadoes usually last for about 20 seconds, but some rare ones have lasted more than an hour. Even if you know the signs of a tornado, you can't always rely on your own eyes and ears alone to know if one is coming. Tornado bug-out kits include supplies with long shelf lives so you won’t have to rotate items every six months or year.
Whether it's preparedness for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or fires, the key to survival in disasters is planning. If you hear a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm watch, you should pay special attention to weather conditions. It's best to assume that in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, roads will be inaccessible by vehicles, and public transportation will be shut down.
Often, tornadoes drop down vertically and lift straight back up, so you will not always observe them coming toward you. Use our preparedness section to stay informed, make a plan, and most importantly—remain safe in an emergency. Listen to local radio stations or watch local TV to stay informed, especially during conditions that are likely to form tornadoes.

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