Tornadoes are most common in the United States in the Spring asseveral ingredients come together to create monster thunderstorms in the Heart Land of the U.S. While most folks have heard of Tornado Alley,not many have heardabout Blizzard Alley, but just like tornadoes, they're more frequent in the Upper Plains of the U.S.
While most of us are happy when a severe thunderstorm or tornado passes us by, here's how a storm chaser reacts. Watch this computer simulation of tornado formation, developed by the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications and Lou Wicker at the National Severe Storms Lab.

I grew up in North Texas, so how to respond when there is a possibility of a tornado is second nature to me.
For the air to be unstable enough for a tornado to occur, the dewpoint usually needs to be over 60 degrees F, and most commonly is over 65 degrees F. While next week's storm may not reach blizzard classification -some folks in the Upper Plainscould get 12" or more of snow which is not all that uncommon.
Fujita is famous for his tornado research and he created the original Fujita Scale which has since been modified to the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

The Enhanced Fujita Scale is composed of theclassifications shown below of weak to violent tornadoes that can have winds much stronger than even the strongest hurricane.

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