It’s interesting to note all of the different methods of entertainment outside of the screenings of the documentaries themselves. In its ninth edition, Columbia will highlight some of the latest films fresh from Sundance, Toronto, or other large film festivals. The main program focuses on documentaries that explore the social and cultural developments in the world. Changing to new management in 1995, Visions du Reel quickly became the important “must-see” event for documentary films.
Silverdocs includes a week-long international film festival integrated with a five-day conference – the largest professional conference of its kind in the US. Aside from the public screenings, the festival caters specifically to the industry with several workshops and forums available. As the world’s largest documentary film festival, IDFA offers a wide selection of diverse competition and non-competition films. Most of our year is spent training thousands of new and established filmmakers in all aspects of film. In 2011 we launched an innovative Postgraduate Film Degree with Staffordshire University and the Independent Film Trust. This entry was posted in Film Facts, Indie Tips, Promotion, Marketing and Distribution and tagged documentary film festival, film festivals. Three feature films centered around Arkansas highlights Day 4 of Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. The 24th Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival will be held on October 9 to October 18. Wednesday, October 15 is a celebration of Arkansas at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival!
The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and Low Key Arts present 5 nights of cutting edge music & art documentaries. Camden, Maine is home to some beautiful scenery, delicious lobsters, and one of the top documentary film festivals in the world.

With the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival announcing its 2014 lineup of Tribute and Thematic Program films, we put together a compendium of the top dozen must-attend doc fests around the country.
With both Hot Docs and Full Frame Documentary Film Festivals coming up this spring, we put together a compendium of the burgeoning list of doc fests around the world. Born and raised in Manhattan, Anne Thompson grew up going to the Thalia and The New Yorker and wound up at grad Cinema Studies at NYU. Each festival broadcasts the summits, workshops, and parties that are hosted as a part of the festival. Located on the beautiful coast of Greece, the festival's side events host exhibitions, master classes, round-table discussions, publications, concerts and parties. The festival opens its doors to a variety of interpretations of documentary films, or cinema du reel, with experimental films, essays, family films, major reports, historical inquiries, and epic or fragmentary stories. Every year, the festival attracts the leading names of British documentary makers and executives in British television.
The conference promotes documentary film as a leading art form, supports the work of independent filmmakers, and encourages public dialogue around the issues and ideas explored in films. The event also offers the opportunity for filmmakers to meet with commissioning editors, buyers and new talents. It has become the central meeting point for German documentary film with a widespread international presence. Entertaining participants with art exhibitions, concerts, and professional seminars, the main attraction includes the 200+ selection of documentary films from all over the world.
The festival typically premieres major international documentaries that eventually make their way to some of the big-name festivals including Sundance. We started the Raindance Film Festival in 1993, and the British Independent Film Awards in 1998.
This Thursday, September 27th marks the 8th annual Camden International Film Festival, featuring the best ‘n brightest docs from around the globe. Elisabeth will break down the best practices for financing your documentary, growing and engaging your audience, and will moderate a discussion with the Kickstarter-funded filmmakers behind GIRL MODEL, THE REVISIONARIES, SURVIVAL PRAYER, A DEFIANT DUDE, and HOLLOW.

She worked at United Artists and Film Comment before heading west as that magazine's west coast editor. Some are mere distractions from the main event; others provide interesting or helpful information for cinephiles and documentary professionals alike.
When the doc’s aren’t rolling, there are plenty of parties and events, all in a generally small location.
Also incorporated in the festival are the industry programs, including a wide array of professional development, market and networking opportunities for documentary professionals. Celebrating the art and business of documentaries, the festival promotes the screenings of today’s documentaries and brainstorming for the future.
Sunny Side of the Doc hosts an Asian edition in Tokyo in March and in Mexico City for Latin America in the beginning of November. To help German and international producers with networking, the event offers them access to potential project financers and television program editors. Incorporated into the festival are a series of sidebar events to promote audience and professional appreciation for documentary films. She wrote for the LA Weekly, Sight and Sound, Empire, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly before serving as West Coast Editor of Premiere. She wrote for The Washington Post, The London Observer, Wired, More, and Vanity Fair, and did staff stints at The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. It's also home to the Points North Documentary Forum, which gives filmmakers access to professional development.

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