If you find documentary films you really like, you can decide to buy them from the Top Documentary Films store. Open Documentaries maintains a documentary database with a lot of documentaries for you to view for free in a lot of categories. Documentaries you’ve watched on Documentary Tube are automatically added to a playlist, so you can easily go back and watch them again, or find out what subjects and titles you have already watched. Hopefully, this list helps you find free, educational, and entertaining documentary films that interest and inspire you. In the core documentary course, student crews make three 20 to 25-minute video documentaries each semester. The documentary, a co-production of Belgium and South Korea, premiered during the 20th Busan International Film Festival, which ends Saturday.
The test-prep English teacher is seen on film as a guru, a rock star of test prepping, who reads an English sentence, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition," to students who do not.
For the foreign director of the documentary, the stadium scene was one of the astounding aspects of the South Korean educational system.
The documentary will likely add a new dimension to the global discussion about South Korean education, which has been thus far spotlighted often for its ability to produce academically excellent, hard-working students or for its creativity-stifling, hyper-competitive environment with one of the world's fastest-growing youth suicide rates. You can browse by category, sort by top films, by length (short, mid, and long, which are less than 10, 11-30, and 30+ minutes, respectively), and even watch mini-documentaries about the making of the documentaries themselves. They have been inviting film students from all schools to submit their work to be shared on IndieMovies Online. If you know of other good sites for finding free and legally distributed documentaries, let us know in the comments. The main difference, I believe, is that Stanford students study documentary exclusively for two years, starting the day they arrive. Robert Winn and Lindsey Jang, who made an ITVS-funded film, Saigon, USA, that just aired on selected PBS stations. Some of these projects are often documentaries, but the course isn't exclusively dedicated to them. Melba Williams' first-year film, A Thousand Words, screened at Sundance and won Best Short at Full Frame this year. Full Documentaries offers some of the most informative, free documentaries available online, organized into categories. They also plan to support independent film at its roots by showcasing the work of film students around the world.
Given the dominance of USC School of Cinema-Television, University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and Stanford University Graduate Program in Documentary Film and Video in the respective awards competitions sponsored by the television and motion picture academies, International Documentary contacted via e-mail representatives from those schools about their programs. KS: In two years of course work, students complete several film and video projects of increasing complexity. The scenes in the film cannot be farther from Obama's image of South Korea as a country where schoolteachers are revered as "nation builders" and students stay longer at schools for the better. The film took four years to complete, since beginning researching in the winter of 2011 and filmed throughout three Suneung exams.

They focus on science documentaries, because this seemed to the most underrepresented genre on the web, but they also offer films covering other genres.
They’ve researched and indexed thousands of films, hundreds of websites, and many databases from around the world.
Although graduate students can concentrate on documentary filmmaking, most take courses in both fiction and nonfiction filmmaking. You can also add comments about documentaries you’ve watched, providing opinions other viewers can read about the films to see if they want to watch them. Grads working at PBS, MTV, ABC, lots of freelance; vast majority are earning a living in documentary within a year. The documentary, a co-production of Belgium and South Korea, premiered during the 20th Busan International Film Festival, which ends Saturday, Oct. You can easily register for free on Documentary Tube to stay updated about new releases featured on the website. Yet still another place to find documentaries is the Moving Image Archive on the Internet Archive website. JK: At the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Ferne Pearlstein was awarded the Cinematography Award in Documentary for the work she did on Imelda, directed by Ramona Diaz, a fellow student from the mid-1990s.
The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films. There’s also a section of the site containing articles that review some of the current documentaries, providing more information about the films.
Some attention is given in the seminar to these topics, but we do not concentrate on fundraising, grants, business.
Feel free to add comments about films you watch on their site and to rate the films, as well. Johnny Symon's film Daddy And Papa was broadcast on Independent Lens and won a number of awards. On Mondays, working documentary filmmakers show their films to the class and discuss how they were made and how to survive as a documentary filmmaker.
JK: In the second year, each student produces, directs and edits a thesis film that is 15 to 25 minutes long. The documentaries are classified in categories, making it easy to find films about your favorite topics. These may be found on some of the other sites that collect documentaries, as well, or you can access them directly on YouTube. Students make their videos in 15 weeks, beginning to end, with strong guidance from the faculty, all experienced filmmakers. You can choose to sign up for weekly email alerts, informing you weekly of new releases available on Documentary Tube. He has been teaching independent film producing at USC's School of Cinema-Television on an adjunct basis since 1979.
Andy Schocken's first- year film, Old Glory, has screened widely, including Slamdance and San Francisco.

In addition to watching quality independent films, IndieMovies Online also encourages you to write for them, by submitting a copy of your piece (no more than 700 words and nothing offensive). In addition, students take a required two-course sequence in documentary history and criticism, three electives and an ongoing graduate colloquium in which visiting filmmakers present and discuss their work. There are probably some documentary films among the collection that might peak your interest.
Some films on the site have widespread distribution, but others are created by independent filmmakers, who depend on sites like Freedocumentaries.org to get their information out to the public. Also, Kirk Marcolina, Kerry Jensen, Tiller Russell and Loren Mandell, all making documentaries for Discovery, VH1, A&E, Animal Planet and other cable networks. All course work—writing, production management, camera, sound, editing, distribution, ethics—is specifically designed around the concrete practical problems of making real documentaries for a real mass audience. New release information is also available by liking Documentary Tube on Facebook or by following the site on Twitter.
Imelda screened at IDFA, NAATA, Philadelphia and Thessaloniki Film Festivals so far—it's not been out long. The philosophy of the Documentary Film and Video program is based on creating an environment in which students learn the methods of documentary through their own productions, through collaboration on the projects of their classmates and through study of the history and theory of the nonfiction film form.
You will not find documentaries “filled with metaphysical ideas, UFOs, bio energies and other meta-sciences.” What you will find are informative, revealing, interesting, and mind-boggling scientific documentaries and lectures about such subjects as astronomy, biology, mathematics, physics, IT, and technology.
Goro Toshima won the 2004 SXSW Documemtary Award with his ITVS-funded film, A Hard Straight.
Topics covered include narrative strategies, writing, and conceptual and aesthetic issues relevant to documentary production.
Fiction courses help documentarians to tell better stories by giving them structural and narrative tools; documentaries help fiction filmmakers create more realistic and nuanced characters and more believable stories.
Over the past six years, no thesis project has missed a screening date, and every thesis film every year has been completed on schedule. Students who work as producers on the documentaries in the class also learn a lot of this stuff in their Wednesday afternoon sessions. We also have an ongoing colloquium series required of all students, in which we bring speakers to talk about distribution, funding and other aspects of the business of film.
Although this is the first major project for most of the students, we hold them to professional standards, which is the reason so many of their films have been picked up and distributed on television.
Roberts also edited [Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco's] Daughter from Danang and has a feature premiering at the LA Film Festival [Wilderness Survival for Girls].
Charlotte LaGarde's film, Heart of the Sea, won the Audience Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2003, has screened at a ton of festivals and was broadcast on Independent Lens.

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