Many weather observers use things such as weather stations and weather radar to help keep a close eye over pending weather storms including thunder.  Interesting though, it has been known for some thunderstorms, can be created on both Venus and Jupiter and not just here on Earth. Every year, the Earth experiences an average of 25 million lightning strikes during some 100,000 thunderstorms.
The Aztecs believed that lightning accompanied the dead, splitting the earth and making its way into its depths. Thunder and lightning were regarded as diabolical, so during a thunderstorm monks tried to constantly ring the bells. In 1935, an American tourist, Randolph Eastman, during a thunderstorm asked to stay in her house until the storm ended. Severe thunderstorm frequency normally tops out at the start of June, or near the time when peak heating of the Sun is still attacking the last of Winter's leftover chill. On occasion, on the rear flank of a convective system responsible for a progressive derecho, a nearly stationary band of thunderstorms may form. As the collisions and freezing continue to occur, and the charges at the top and bottom of the cloud increase, the electric field becomes more and more intense -- so intense, in fact, that the electrons at the Earth's surface are repelled deeper into the Earth by the negative charge at the lower portion of the cloud.

An average instance of lightning lasts about a quarter of a second and consists of 3-4 strikes. A single lightning bolt travels through twisted paths in the air that can be as wide as one of your fingers or between six and ten miles. Trees sometimes can take direct hits from lightning and not get burnt – the electricity passes over their wet surface and goes straight into the ground.
In March of 1991 a single six-hour storm stretching over Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri caused more than 15,000 lightning strikes.
Park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times between 1942 and 1977: in 1942 the lightning burned his thumb and his leg, in July 1969  lightning burned his eyebrows, in July 1970 it burned his shoulder, in April 1972 it scorched his hair, in August 1973 it burned his legs, in June 1976 lightning hit his ankle and in June 1977 he suffered a seared breast and abdomen.
At the same time it is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable of all natural phenomena. Such a destiny let to psychological problems and depression and six years later, in September 1983, Sullivan committed suicide. However, those who survive often suffer from serious health and psychological problems like loss of memory or sensitivity, insomnia, impaired hearing, or constant pain.

The development of a thunderstorm's downdraft ordinarily marks the dissipation stage of that particular storm. As a result, striking shelf clouds on occasion occur in conjunction with relatively benign thunderstorms. Even though scientists all over the world are gathering facts about lightning, dividing it into different types, measuring its voltage, monitoring temperature, and creating it in laboratories, it is still impossible to predict the behavior of every lightning bolt.
The oddest part is that each even-numbered child in the line was killed and none of the students in odd-numbered positions were even burned. Thereafter, the instance of severe weather fades, slowly at first, then at a quickening pace, as Sun's power begins to wane and the atmosphere reaches full Summer warmth.
To understand why thunderstorms occur more often during the warm months requires some understanding of thunderstorm basics.Thunderstorms thrive under certain conditions.

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