Many weather observers use things such as weather stations and weather radar to help keep a close eye over pending weather storms including thunder.  Interesting though, it has been known for some thunderstorms, can be created on both Venus and Jupiter and not just here on Earth. Severe thunderstorm frequency normally tops out at the start of June, or near the time when peak heating of the Sun is still attacking the last of Winter's leftover chill.
On occasion, on the rear flank of a convective system responsible for a progressive derecho, a nearly stationary band of thunderstorms may form.

As the collisions and freezing continue to occur, and the charges at the top and bottom of the cloud increase, the electric field becomes more and more intense -- so intense, in fact, that the electrons at the Earth's surface are repelled deeper into the Earth by the negative charge at the lower portion of the cloud. The development of a thunderstorm's downdraft ordinarily marks the dissipation stage of that particular storm.
As a result, striking shelf clouds on occasion occur in conjunction with relatively benign thunderstorms.

To understand why thunderstorms occur more often during the warm months requires some understanding of thunderstorm basics.Thunderstorms thrive under certain conditions.

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