Maintaining a sense of the most common dangers linked to driving in a thunderstorm is important for all drivers. Even the most experienced drivers are placed at risk when navigating the roads and highways of Georgia in heavy rains or a thunderstorm. Keeping these tips in mind will help to reduce the number of collisions occurring each year due to adverse weather conditions. You may love Mother Nature, but during a thunderstorm, a sturdy building is your best friend.
While rainy conditions exist in every region, the state of Georgia is prone to heavy winds, thunderstorms, and intense rainfalls. This causes these people to operate their vehicles how they would during normal driving conditions.

In doing so, these motorists are able to better react to the changes in weather and adjust their driving habits accordingly.
From limited visibility to reduced tire traction, the number of dangerous elements makes driving in these conditions very risky. As a general rule, motorists are always encouraged to safely pull over to the side of the road to wait for the rain to stop. Avoiding driving in a thunderstorm is always the recommendation for Georgia drivers, however, there are certainly cases where operating a vehicle in adverse weather is unavoidable.
Nevertheless, examples of Georgia residents are caught driving in a thunderstorm occur throughout the entire year. If you or a loved one has been in an accident while driving in a thunderstorm, our Savannah auto collision lawyers are here for you.

Many drivers prefer this method, as they are able to safely stay inside of their vehicle until the rain clears. It is absolutely imperative for all drivers to adjust their driving behaviors while driving in a thunderstorm. Most are caught outside and don't find or seek safety soon enough.Let's take a look at five things you can do to protect yourself from the destructive potential of a thunderstorm.

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