Join the hundreds of thousands of others and get monthly news and tips direct to your inbox! Especially during lightning storms with rain, people tend to run under a tree, or sit under it; that's the last place to be.
NFPA's Safety Source blog features news and information created to reduce fire deaths, injuries, and property loss. The views expressed on this blog reflect the personal opinion of the individual author and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of NFPA, its technical committees, or other constituent parts.
These images show: a thunderstorm, a radar image of a thunderstorm, activities where people need to take caution because they are in potential danger due to a thunderstorm, and a weather radio. Light travels faster than sound so if you hear thunder chances are lightening has already stuck somewhere even if no one noticed it. Most lightning deaths and injuries occur in the summer and a sports field is often the most dangerous place to be during a thunderstorm. Although tornadoes are most common in the Central Plains and southeastern United States, they have been reported in all 50 states.
The information in this section, combined with timely watches and warnings about severe weather, could save your life.
These storms are the most likely to produce long-lasting tornadoes and baseball-sized hail. Whips of lightning cut a dramatic scene across a storm-darkened sky in Patagonia, Argentina. The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability. Even though the odds of being struck by lightning are low, these statistics show that summer thunder and lightning storms are dangerous and should be avoided if possible. Wide open ground such as Utah’s West Desert offers high exposure during an electrical storm. If you are boating on any of Utah’s many lakes and reservoirs and you hear thunder, you should immediately start heading for shore. As mentioned many times in this article, lone trees should be avoided during electrical storms.
The lightning position is a safety position that may reduce the chances of suffering a direct strike during an electrical storm. The lightning position and the tips above may reduce your chances of a lightning-related injury; however, they are no substitute for getting to safer terrain or a structure if it is immediately available.
If you are out enjoying the spectacular beauty of this great state and find yourself caught in a lightning storm in Utah’s backcountry, remembering these tips may reduce your chances of becoming injured or killed by a lightning strike. Join the Utah Outdoor Activities mailing list and receive more outdoor tips, information on things to do, upcoming events, and more! Youth sports organizations should adopt it as a league-wide rule that the moment anyone hears thunder (or sees a lightning strike) the game is immediately stopped and everyone heads for shelter.

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air extending from the base of a thunderstorm down to the ground.
NFPA is a global organization devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. The official start of summer is tomorrow, June 21st and we are already experiencing signs of summer weather here in New England.
Tornadoes are capable of completely destroying well-made structures, uprooting trees and hurling objects through the air like deadly missiles.
A good rule of thumb is that for every 5 seconds from seeing the lightning until hearing the thunder means the lightning is roughly 1 mile from your position. High winds can damage homes and blow down trees and utility poles, causing widespread power outages. Most lightning occurs within cumulonimbus clouds like these, but it can also be released from wide, layered formations called stratiform clouds. Hundreds more people are struck but survive, usually with lingering and debilitating symptoms. These storms leave people scrambling for cover because many fail to heed the warnings: the big dark clouds in the distance and the sound of thunder roaring through the sky. Since this article is focused on Utah’s backcountry, there is a good chance you may be caught in one of the state’s wicked thunder and lightning storms while camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, or enjoying a picnic at a local park.
If thunderstorms are likely, plan your day so you are off of any exposed terrain before the storms hit.
During a thunder and lightning storm, you should avoid high terrain and even the terrain around it.
Try to avoid trees and bushes that rise above the others, since the highest objects tend to attract lightning strikes. If your organization does not have a policy for lighting safety there are some great resources available - learn more. A thunderstorm is considered severe if it produces hail at least 1 inch in diameter or has wind gusts of at least 58 miles per hour. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people some years than tornadoes or hurricanes. Remember, "when thunder roars, go indoors." A real shelter needs to contain plumbing, wiring, or some other mechanism for grounding the roof to the ground.
Heavy rainfall from thunderstorms can quickly cause rivers and streams to overrun their banks and cause street flooding in cities. If avoidance is impossible, here are some safety tips and precautions you can take to help decrease your chances of being struck or injured by lightning. While much of the focus during severe weather is on tornadoes, wind and hail, there are actually more deaths caused each year by flooding and lightning, which are also commonly associated with severe weather.

Shop Windows to the UniverseThe Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is in our online store, filled with Earth and space science resources. We deliver information and knowledge through codes and standards, research, training, and education, outreach and advocacy. Coaches, officials and sports parents are responsible for the safety and well-being of youth athletes during the season and part of that includes knowing what to do when you get caught in a thunderstorm. Every year people are killed or seriously injured because they didn't hear or ignored severe thunderstorms warnings. Also avoid using landline phones, televisions, and other appliances that conduct electricity.Stay inside for 30 minutes after you last see lightning or hear thunder. But the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1 in 3,000 (source: National Geographic). If you are exposed to lightening while attempting to get to safer terrain, you should stop and assume the lightning position.
The Website was developed in part with the support of UCAR and NCAR, where it resided from 2000 - 2010. For instance, in a house or building lightning can travel along the outer walls or follow metal gutters and to the ground. If you know what to do before, during, and after a tornado you can increase your chances of survival. People have been struck by lightning from storms centered as far as 10 miles (16 kilometers) away.If caught outside away from a building or car, stay clear of water bodies and tall objects like trees. As you can see, the more times you challenge the power of these storms during your life, the better chance you have of becoming a statistic. Many people have died while walking to safer terrain, but no one has died while in the lighting position. If possible, anchor your boat and head to your car or a safe building and wait out the storm. Find a low spot or depression and crouch down as low as possible, but don't lie down on the ground.
Speaking of statistics, on average, there are 51 lightning-related deaths in the United States each year (based on a 30-year average). Lightning can move in and along the ground surface, and many victims are struck not by bolts but by this current.

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