An alleged bomb threat prompted the evacuation of a Social Security Office in Pembroke Pines on November 20, 2015. PEMBROKE PINES (CBSMiami) — An alleged bomb threat prompted the evacuation of a Social Security Office in Pembroke Pines Friday morning. Officers said the officer got a call from a man who was upset he was possibly losing his social security benefits. We were glad to join the National Council on Aging and the National Hispanic Council on Aging in a call today briefing reporters on what immigration reform will mean for programs like Social Security. As legal status is granted to current undocumented immigrants, allowing workers to step out of the shadows, contributions to the Social Security program will increase. The Social Security Administration building remained closed Monday afternoon after officials were allegedly threatened by a Dickson County man when he was denied continued assistance.

Although authorities have not said why he is classified as a potential risk to national security, court documents show Bottoms was arrested in 1995 in connection with a kidnapping plot, which culminated with federal agents seizing pipe bombs and other related materials at his Nashville residence. The investigation into the alleged Social Security Administration bomb threat has since been taken over by officials with the U.S.
This is the second time in less than a week government officials have received a bomb threat. On Thursday, the Rutherford County Judicial Building was evacuated after an unidentified man threatened to bomb the courthouse, as well as kill Circuit Court Judge Don R.
Goss, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration, has reported that unauthorized immigrants contributed about $15 billion a year to Social Security, adding an estimated $300 billion over the years to the Social Security trust fund. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said Kyle Evans, public information officer for the Police Department.

Kemph) Law enforcement officials have confirmed a 49-year-old man wanted out of Dickson County was taken into custody Monday morning after he allegedly threatened to blow up the U.S.
All of these demographic factors are potentially good - not bad - news for Social Security.

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