Your credit rating can affect the interest rate you can get on a mortgage or a credit card, but it also can make other areas of your life more expensive. Communication is extremely important in emergency situations, and by digitizing their maps, they can make them accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet.
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Hotsie Tot Sie, I smell tactics are defined as needing protect your bunker in the classic Contact of Duty. The Federal Emergency Management Agency just released a map of estimated flood zones in the United States for the year 2100—and it doesn’t look good. The influx of water across the country is largely attributed to climate change, with FEMA placing 70% of the blame on climate change and global warming issues. The pink and red map that FEMA has released shows only a small snippet near Montana and Wyoming that seem to go unharmed, with even small chances of flooding in interior states with higher elevations. Aside from the total catastrophe of flooding and flood damage, the FEMA report also looks into just who will pay for future damage caused by impending storms.

Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. Learn the latest trends that will help grow your portfolio, plus tips on investing strategies. The projected maps highlight the Great Lakes region to be the hardest hit area for river-related flooding, while the Northwest, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coasts are the more obvious, large body-related affected zones.
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Evacuation is an intimidating task, having to pack everything necessary for the family to survive in such a short amount of time is never easy.
The roads were almost completely clogged, many stores were wiped clean of merchandise, and a lot of people ended up stranded on the roadside.
The public can comment, agree or disagree, and submit an appeal to try to get the evacuation route changed.
They are attempting to iron out the kinks and be more efficient, but public participation would help tremendously.

If the new digitized map has critical faults, like cuts off an area from assistance, or isolates a hospital, you have the ability to tell the government how bad of an idea it is. Where this money will come from remains to be seen, but FEMA’s report shows that the government is considering the long term outcomes of climate change.
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