The same approach was used in the second portion of the Tabletop Exercise which focused on activating the COOP plan. The responders in Newark were for the most part cordial made effort to take the simulation seriously; but it was noted that there were flaws in the design and execution of the exercise as a whole. Tabletop Exercise - Involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting to assess plans, policies and procedures. Drill - An activity designed to test a specific operation or function within a single entity. Functional Exercise - A single or multi-agency activity designed to evaluate capabilities and multiple functions using a simulated response.
Full-Scale Exercise - A multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline response to a simulated incident which involves a real time response to simulated but realistic conditions.
HSEEP reflects lessons learned and best practices of existing exercise programs and can be adapted to a variety of scenarios and events based on local or regional threats, risks and vulnerabilities.
The exercise was the culmination on a lot of hard work which centered on drafting documents, planning and executing, to ensure that the exercise was seamless. Under the supervision of the Lead Controller, the Safety Personnel and Controllers, volunteers were directed to make the scene be realistic for the responding agencies, a feature that added an element of realism to the exercise that the responders appreciated. The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) is a national standard for all DHS funded exercises and is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program that provides a standardized methodology and terminology for exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. The hard work and attention to detail resulted in a successful exercise which left fellow students and professors very impressed.
The Coalition provides HSEEP certified subject matter experts to design and coordinate exercises, pinpoint areas of success and those in need of improvement, provide positive feedback to your organization, and help develop training programs based upon highlighted needs. They offer expert guidance for exercises from the basic to the most complex all based on your potential vulnerabilities. Professor Matthew Khaled who is serving as the Constructive Action (CA) professor for the Purpose 4 students, along with Director Ali Gheith who served as the Exercise Director played important roles in making the exercise achieve its objectives. We designed and facilitated a tabletop exercise to test New Hampshire’s newly developed Energy Assurance Plan using the strict Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines for emergency management exercise development.
Nexight Group designed, facilitated, and documented more than 45 tabletop exercises that help critical infrastructure owners and operators respond to a simulated active shooter or vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) event in coordination with local emergency responders.

During the exercise, Nexight used a combination of full-group discussion and facilitated breakout groups to walk players through two escalating scenarios.
NDPCI HSEEP - Training, Exercise and Evaluation ServicesThe National Domestic Preparedness Coalition’s leadership and personnel consist of emergency responders who have participated in real world incidents including natural disaster and terrorism, and who have developed and managed large scale exercises for both large and small jurisdictions, agencies and organizations throughout the United States. This came in the form of a Tabletop Exercise which involved students from other purposes contributing. Our unique background and capabilities allow us to provide both exercise experience and operational knowledge due to the wide range of capabilities our SMEs possess. It was however clear that a lot of planning went into making the exercise a reality, and that responding agencies are continuously pushing themselves to protect the City.
Once completed, observations and recommendations will be forwarded to the Exercise Planners.
Our background in Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment Training across the US, as well as our Operational training has placed us in a unique position to work with local agencies as part of the HSEEP exercise process based on a combination of their Assessments and Plans that they have developed to address local needs for preparedness.
Students in attendance were very engaged and found that the exercise made them consider aspects of response they would not have considered under different circumstances.
Mitchell believes that in order to be resilient entities need to plan, train, exercise and drill.
We designed a full-day seminar and tabletop exercise that engaged nearly 40 players from state agencies, energy providers, and critical infrastructure organizations. DHS asked Nexight to help develop two exercise scenarios—active shooter and VBIED—and use them to facilitate interactive training and exercises customized for chemical, commercial facilities, and multi-sector audiences across the country.
Throughout the exercise, Nexight captures participant responses and lessons learned in real time.
Each three-hour exercise engages facility managers and personnel in a facilitated discussion with local emergency responders on their actions and decisions as the scenario unfolds. Our exercises are custom designed and developed based upon specific threats to your jurisdiction, agency or organization utilizing the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines published by the U.S. Though prevented from using Resorts World Casino as the site in this Tabletop Exercise, the scenario which was used incorporated many elements and approaches included in the final products for this client. Make-up artists were on site and did a great job of moulaging the victims prior to the exercise.

Drafting the After Action Report (AAR) is next on the agenda for the Purpose Four Students as the lessons learned can be passed on to other students to ensure that exercises of this nature can continue to get better. We invited three state energy assurance and cyber security experts to deliver training presentations on areas of critical concern before the tabletop. We teamed up with recognized security experts to design and deliver an eight-hour training session that combines expert instruction with our interactive, scenario-based tabletop exercise design.
DHS received overwhelming response from the private sector—more than 90% of participants rated exercise content and conduct as excellent or very good—and the exercise team expanded the program from one scenario specialized for the chemical sector, to multiple scenarios targeting multi-sector audiences.
HSEEP uses established best practices and helps provide unity and consistency of effort for exercises at all levels of government. The simulated exercise not only tested the preparedness of agencies tasked with responding to such events, but also contributed to students gaining valuable insights into how response and coordination go hand-in-hand.
Our SMEs have an extensive background in training, testing, exercising, and evaluation using a multi-discipline approach. The exercise helped participants test their roles and responsibilities and identify communications and operations gaps that could affect response in a real event. Nexight Group trained more than 5,000 individuals since 2010—and more than 95% indicated that they planned to update their company’s emergency response plans and procedures based on the training exercises.
NDPCI is a proud provider of Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) related exercises.
For emergency managers the true depth of specifics in planning a training and exercise event was more appreciated. HSEEP Exercises allow responders and emergency management personnel to train and practice prevention, protection, response, and recovery capabilities in a realistic but risk-free environment.

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