Various team around the country registered for the drill, which was conducted by the Formatable Footprint organization. Approximately 150 people packed the new airport emergency operations center (AEOC) at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) during an emergency exercise tabletop drill in June 2011. The new facility will certainly be well-appreciated when the airport holds its next full-scale airport emergency plan drill in September.
Conference attendees split up into groups covering response topics such as public safety and housing to receive training from the various group leaders participating in the tabletop disaster exercise.
Over two dozen area officials met in Delphos today for a tabletop exercise involving a train derailment in Delphos that included a chemical fire in a populated area.
The same approach was used in the second portion of the Tabletop Exercise which focused on activating the COOP plan.

Tabletop Exercise - Involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting to assess plans, policies and procedures. Drill - An activity designed to test a specific operation or function within a single entity. This entry was posted in Just My Thoughts, News Worthy Mentionables and tagged Animal Health, FMD, NIAA, Tabletop. Mitchell believes that in order to be resilient entities need to plan, train, exercise and drill.
This came in the form of a Tabletop Exercise which involved students from other purposes contributing.
The conference was also the site of a tabletop exercise dealing with the response to a tornado in the area of Bernhard Road and Redwine Road.

Though prevented from using Resorts World Casino as the site in this Tabletop Exercise, the scenario which was used incorporated many elements and approaches included in the final products for this client.
Agency counterparts from Allen County also participated in the drill, along with several Delphos officials and agencies. The drill was hosted at the Delphos Fire Clubhouse and was evaluated by staff from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

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