Gamers ready: Survival Live, a new adventure series being made by Discovery, sounds like a reality spin-off of The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence (pictured). The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Discovery will strand eight people in the wilderness for 42 days with only the clothes on their backs for a new live television event. Each week, the weakest contestant will be extracted during the live episode, while pre-recorded weekly episodes will detail the contestants' progress. The network already has mounted live versions of multiple series including American Chopper.
The success of unscripted adventure shows including Survivor, Amazing Race and Discovery's Naked and Afraid (in which one male and one female contestant are dropped in the jungle with no food, no water and no clothes) has primed the pipeline of contestants eager to test their skills and possibly achieve (temporary) TV stardom. No, "Naked and Afraid" asks theoretically sane people to survive in perilous conditions without food, water, shelter, or clothes for 21 days. The second season started this Sunday, and it made me wonder if this show is skirting a little too close to being a mission impossible or, worse, featuring a fatality. As insanely difficult as this show is, as dangerous as some of these challenges appear to be, I can't deny that it makes for edge-of-your-seat television. No money or prizes are at stake, meaning that the motivations for anyone appearing on this show are largely internal. We all wonder if, when pressed to the limit, if we might find inner reserves of strength, a moral fortitude pressing us to do the right thing. Prince Charles hopes his grandson's love of the outdoors will become a passion for the environment.
The contestants will most likely be stranded somewhere in the Pacific Rim, according to O'Neill. More significantly, the show has made some savvy decisions that have kept it from devolving into trash TV.

Working together is critical to survival, and while some pairs quibble, they either get over it quickly or become too consumed by hunger to argue for long. We wonder if, on the brink of starvation or dehydration, we'd share the only available food or potable water we'd seen for days. Marooned with Ed Stafford and a new series titled Tethered will demonstrate physical and mental endurance, and patience when you are forced to survive under the harshest and most uncomfortable conditions.
Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment. But in a twist on the webcam popularized on CBS' Big Brother, contestants also will be able to ask viewers for help. They're obviously experienced and know what to expect, but that almost don't make it through -- and this is the All-Star team. The nudity may spur people to tune in, but it's hardly sexualized -- everything is blurred, and it's more about stripping these competitors of their resources than shaming them or making them focus on private parts. What's impressive and what makes this show so watchable is how often these people do exactly that. After spending 60 days naked and marooned off an island in Fiji, Ed Stafford is setting himself a new challenge to see how well he can thrive physically and mentally in some of the world’s toughest environments. The onus is on each survivalist to build a social network to help them through their ordeal by getting them things such as a phone call from a loved one for a pep talk or food, clothing, even dental floss. Wallenda will announce the location of his next stunt at the network's annual upfront presentation in New York on Thursday, Apr. Of course, they need lots of things, like fire starters and machetes, which they do sometimes bring. With no access to anyone from outside, he will master critical things such as finding water, shelter and food quickly and show that with the right skills you can thrive in some of the harshest environments. And coming up in May (weather permitting), Discovery will present Everest Jump Live, during which free jumper Joby Ogwyn will climb Mount Everest and then leap from the summit in a custom-made wing-suit.

The first instance that you realise you are lost, take your pack off, sit on it and take a deep breath. The last thing you want to be doing is guessing where you are and rushing off in random directions. Slowly but constructively you can then build upon what you know and regain control of your situation. Chances are that after a couple of probes in different directions you'll find your track or something that will re-orientate you -but the good thing about this method is that even if you can't get out or get to help -it is a great way to start helping you survive.
Treat the situation like an exciting game -that you are going to throw yourself into 100% ¬and the process or surviving becomes fun. Everything then mutates from an overwhelming obstacle to a thrilling challenge and this deliberate alternative perspective is vital.
Ed: Presuming you don't always carry a lighter or a striker you'll need to adapt to whatever vegetation the environment consists of. My advice would be to get a large metal tray and practice in front of the telly every evening until you've got it! Ed: I'm always most fearful of mushrooms and toadstools as the deadly ones often look as inviting to eat as the edible ones. Ed: Any spring that comes directly out of the ground is likely to be pure as it hasn't had the chance to pick up impurities and has been filtered through the rocks and earth.
Failing that make sure that water is fast flowing and clear -but drinking non-purified water from a river is always a calculated risk -you never know if an animal has died further upstream and contaminated the source.

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