An employment tribunal is an independent body, which is there to resolve dispute between an employee and their employer. Take Professional Advice – an employment tribunal could be damaging to your reputation not just your bank account!
You can also call the employment tribunal enquiry line for general guidance on how the process works.
And consider whether there was anything you could have done to avoid being taken to an employment tribunal. No matter how well you run your business, there may come a time when you are taken to an employment tribunal by an employee.
Why would an employee go to tribunal: they feel they want further resolution on an employment matter.

If you disagree with a tribunal decision you may be able to ask the tribunal to look at the case again or appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to defend a claim at tribunal it is important that you follow the correct procedures and have all the relevant documentation in place. In order to be able to ask the tribunal to review the decision, you must have a good reason, for example that new evidence has turned up. Preparing for a tribunal can be lengthy and time consuming so make sure you allow yourself enough time to prepare properly. You can also appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal if you think the employment tribunal made a legal mistake. Employment tribunals determine disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.

Many membership organisations such as the Forum of Private Business and the Federation of Small Business also offer legal advice to members, so consider joining one in order to access their independent support and guidance on employment law.
An employee can take an employer to an employment tribunal over various issues, including pay, dismissal and discrimination.
If the employee is part of a pension scheme, you must bring full details of the scheme to the tribunal. The tribunal is independent and can ask you to pay compensation or reinstate the employee if you lose the case.

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