Drinking water and remember your thirst trigger will not work in cold weather so you must drink water even if you do not have thirst. Whether you’re just visiting a colder climate for the winter holidays, or you’ve relocated to an area with cold winter conditions unfamiliar to you; be prepared and protect yourself and your family, your home and your automobile.
Avoid driving in weather conditions such as a blizzard, extreme cold and high winds or in rural areas of your community. Wool is the best cold weather insulator because even when wet it will retain up to 80 percent of its insulating qualities.

However, these are temporary measures and would not be considered adequate shelters to survive the night in cold temperatures. If you perspire from exertion in cold temperatures, the evaporation of the moisture will cool your body. Heat always conducts from warm to cold so your objective is to keep your body heat contained next to your body by the proper clothing and shelter. Winter months mean storing your T-shirts and shorts away and switching to sweats, lightweight but warm sweaters with long sleeves.

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