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If a nearby floating object is large, pull as much of your body as possible out of the water and onto the float.
Due to the nature of harbor craft operations (working in coastal waters, inland waters, and harbor areas) you are apt to become involved in a SAR operation.
When I was climbing White Mountain a few years ago with two of my kids, the weather turned a little colder than what we had dressed for (I was in shorts in early Spring with snow still on the ground).

When you're in cold water, do not swim unless you can reach a nearby boat, fellow survivor or floating object. When wearing a life jacket in cold water, you can protect the high heat-loss areas of your body.
During his journey, Jan would not have survived without the help of many courageous villagers in the isolated, yet very connected and tribal, northern Norway.
In addition to water and my EDC, the only other item I packed for the quick 8-hour climb was a 25-year-old poncho liner and a Patagonia Houdini Jacket. A poncho or tarp with grommetted corners (eyelets for tie down cord) works best but any sheet of waterproof material will work.

A simple waterproof layer with a strong backing, hood with draw string, and corner grommets is all you need. In the event you are the victim or whether it is one person or an entire crew, survival depends on three things: courage, training, and time.
However, even partial covering of the sides, neck, and groin will cut down the heat loss and extend the survival time.

Severe thunderstorms are common
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