The American Red Cross suggests that everyone should have disaster survival supplies on hand at all times.
When compiling your own survival supplies for a survival kit, the first thing you should consider is how long you think you may need to live off what you have stored away.
Consider the difference the types of supplies you will need if the crisis took place in the winter or summer.
During the winter, you would naturally need an array of warm clothing and extra eating supplies, but during the summer your main concern would naturally be additional water. Click here for other updated News, DIY, Survival Skills and Videos especially made for the avid prepper and survivalist! It is important when preparing for emergency situations that you pack the correct equipment needed in order to survive. Essential survival gear list for outdoors should always include a good basic first aid bag and water purification tablets.

Survival supplies list can be very varied in size but they all contain supplies and tools to aid people against natural forces, keep them warm, provide palatable food and water, and help them send signal to rescuers. Below is a survival supplies list checklist that can be very useful when making your own kit.
Water – Water always come first in survival supplies kit because water is a very essential component of human survival. Shelter and warmth – Shelter and warmth are warmth are important because it increases your chance to survive. In those cases, many people would be looking forward to several more days, weeks, or even months without anything to survive on.
Something else that needs your attention during the planning stage for accumulating survival supplies is transportation.
People such as the military, explorers and hikers have a good background in how to survive unfortunately for us less experienced it can be a daunting prospect.

A survival supplies list is a set of basic equipments and provisions primed up in advance to aid someone in emergencies. A human can survive for three to five days without water unlike food,, humans can survive without food intake for up to twenty to forty days.
In times of struggle people will use any means available to survive or escape an emergency situation.
The basic supplies of a first aid kit are bandages, band-aids, gauze pads, gauze tape, antibiotic cream, antihistamines for allergic reactions, disinfectants such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, and burn ointment.

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