Even with round-the-year availability of fresh and processed meat, it is not a bad idea to keep a good storage of meat as a hedge against possible emergencies in the future. This really helped me use Store Meat in a better way.I would love to use this food saver for meats, like chicken, pork, beef, steaks, and my veggies.
I would use the FoodSaver to stock up the freezer on meats, sauces, and summer veggies from the garden!
Home canned, dried or root cellared fruits, vegetables and other foods are not quite the nutritional powerhouses that lacto-fermented products are, but they are much easier to use for the bulk of a meal, or for an entire meal. Maple syrup has the shortest shelf life – around one year in glass bottles without freezing or refrigeration.

There are many other food options, but these are my top choices for foods that store a long time without refrigeration.
Many grocery stores have small containers of coconut oil in their natural foods department. Moreover, in this era of highly processed food, by storing your own meat you get to control what goes on your plate. We've spent the past year changing the way that we eat and as a result, our food stockpile has changed dramatically. We also have a large garden for the first time and I can not wait to start dehydrating and preserving our foods that way as well.

Real food storage can be done, but the majority of info out there is just so much dead food.
Canning essentially means sterilizing the food within a container and sealing it against external contamination.

Faraday cage car
Mitigation and financial risk management for natural hazards
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