According to many survival websites and books, it is recommended reading for the person that is serious about staying healthy in the uncertain future.
As a prepper myself, I have to try to broaden my horizons from time to time because after a while of looking, you do start to see some repetition. I guess I am guilty of adding to this repetition somewhat myself obviously with the Prepper Journal.
The other day I was looking around, and this may happen in cycles, but on this day there seemed to be a higher than usual percentage of web pages, YouTube videos and articles on the subject of the Survival Tin.
The Survival Tin if you aren’t aware is billed as a one stop shop for anything you need to keep you alive, stored in a small container. The contents are very creative and diminutively packaged so as to get a whole bunch of little things in one small container.One of the great things about a survival tin is that anyone can create one of these by yourself, and like I said, there are hundreds of videos at least on this very subject.

By making this survival tin part of your Every Day Carry equipment you will be more likely to benefit from having these items when you need them.But whenever I look at one of these tins, I imagine myself carrying it every day and wondering what situation I would need to be faced in that would make this tin something that would actually help me Survive. It could be that some disaster strikes and you are no longer at home, but somehow transported into the wilds of Africa with nothing but your survival tin. You have to have both a brain that knows how to use the items you have carefully assembled and the will to live that will give you the motivation and creativity needed to use these implements to somehow make your life better.The survival tin is just a small example but I know of people who buy tons of survival gear. Sadly, it is some of these same people who take a car trip without having a first aid-kit or a map if they get lost.Purchasing some amount of survival gear is a requirement I think for most of us.
Seriously, if you want to call yourself prepared, an equal portion of this game is the mental attitude you need to survive. Enter the Prepper Writing Contest for a chance to win cash to buy your own Prepping Supplies!

Period.But just in case you get caught empty-handed, it doesn’t hurt to know about the useful pieces you can scavenge from a vehicle to help you survive. Now I understand that most people usually don’t feel right about destroying their possessions, especially something as significant as a vehicle.But if you end up in an emergency situation, and you need to tear up your ride for the raw materials as a matter of survival, then it’s time to color outside the lines.
Here are some of the most useful parts of a vehicle, which would be valuable commodities in a survival scenario.Mirrors The rear view mirror is your easiest target, and it can usually be removed from its bracket by sliding it down the windshield. In a total grid down scenario abandoned cars will offer plenty of supplies for the enterprising prepper.If you liked this article, please rate it.

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