Freeze Dried Foods are very light-weight but require the addition of hot water for preparation (see food preparation).
As President Obama orders airstrikes on Islamic Militants in Iraq and Syria and Russia threatens peace in Europe, TV evangelist Jim Bakker says don't fret, he's got everything you need to survive any disaster.The disgraced 74-year-old pastor, who served five years of an original 45-year prison sentence for fraud and conspiracy, has also got a daily TV broadcast that airs on various Christian TV stations. Surviving: Lori and Jim Bakker at their home in Fort Mills, South Carolina, have made it their mission to help those in their TV ministry by selling survivalist food and gear. All you can eat:  According to Jim and Lori's website, the survival necessities include all kinds of packaged food supplies. Whenever I talk about emergency preparedness, food storage or 72hr kits, people often laugh and ask me why I would bother with it as nothing bad ever really happens here in the UK. 72 hour kits are all the essentials you might need to survive for up to three days after an emergency, usually carried in a small bag so you can grab it if you have to leave your home in a hurry, so you don;t spend valuable time hunting for things. Although the Emergency Services might get to you quickly, it can take days for the local Council or organisations like the Red Cross to provide adequate food or shelter.

I know, we would all like to live entirley off foraged food and meat we have hunted but it just isn't practical. The MRE survival food pack offers preppers exactly what we want for many reasons and including then in you bug out equipment and prepping plans is essential AND they even taste nice..!!! And $3,000 will buy you seven whole years of food packets with a bonus of TWO survival DVD's – providing your DVD player still works post disaster. There's one more bonus if you hurry… A LARGE PRINT Bible – perhaps in case you misplace your glasses while running for your life. But that's not all folks!
The high-calorie packs are standard issue for the British Armed Forces on operations and, it's claimed, contain enough food to last one person 24 hours.
Having gone through 3 Hurricanes last year that left my family without electricity, running water and a local food supply for 11 days last year, I can tell you that the anything is a bonus when you get hungry enough. You're gonna need a survival suit.'Bakker's survival gear is made out of a sort of Khaki green padded nylon,' says a source familiar with the line. As an ex-soldier who used to live on these ration packs for weeks at a time, let me tell you that the food in the packs is very nice.

The food would typically be canned in glass jars, which can create a problem if you have to pack them in a survival kit or transport by vehicle. I am a Brit now living in the USA and I remember my mother talking about the food packages sent by the USA to the UK during world war two.
All in all, the equipment required to give a good quality emergency food pack with the calories required for a survival scenario is best left upto the big boys! One thing stands out, its not gourmet food and its not gastronomic, what the emergency ration packs is, is nutritional.

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