Of course, there are certain practical measures that are common sense and should always be followed in the event of a storm. The easiest way to eliminate storm stress is to prepare and enjoy the variation in your routine.
All in all, the key to surviving a Queensland storm is to follow the safety advice, prepare and plan, and enjoy the quality time without TV's, computers and gaming consoles.

Having an Emergency Kit ready to go with important papers and other essential items will help you be more prepared during not only floods but any emergency.
On a regular basis, check your emergency kit (remember to check use-by dates on batteries and gloves) and re-stock items if you need to. The SES in partnership with PRIME 7 have developed a Home Emergency Kit information fridge magnet.

You can get one of these fridge magnets from your local SES unit or you can download it here - Home Emergency Kit Magnet .

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