Step 2: Recording TapsTo start recording, you must first start the RepetiTouch service, so tap Start from the app's main screen.
It has been downloaded over 50 million times from Google Play alone, and shows no signs of decline.Part of its success is the constant need for players to sign in to avoid being raided and losing their precious resources. You should now see four symbols on the right side of your screen (or top of the screen in landscape mode).
For this guide, I will be using the free, ad-supported version.RepetiTouch Free RepetiTouch Pro After the app is installed, open it and grant it root permissions. Do it on some single player game instead of being a looser online.It's not the cheating in itself that make me hate you people, it's when you do it online. The compass symbol allows you to move the box around the screen, but that is a Pro feature. The Stop Disasters Game allows you to anticipate and mitigate the affects of 5 common natural disasters: tsunami, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake and flood.

This disaster simulation game, (from the United Nations (UN) and International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)- which brings many agencies, organizations, universities and institutions together in attempts to save lives and reduce industries and destruction caused by natural hazards), enables players to experience 5 natural environmental hazards (wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and hurricanes), by understanding their risks and applying effective methods of prevention and mitigation. Each disaster scenario takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the disaster you are trying to prevent, as well as your skill level.
Image files of the disasters can be downloaded to facilitate comprehension of factors (i.e.
Unclaimed World is a very challenging planet colonization game, similar to the movie Avatar, where mankind must learn to survive on an alien world. Banished is a resource management game, developing a medieval-type town with basic resources and bartering with visiting merchant vessels. Play Neocolonialism, where you can manipulate global finances, enslave humanity, and trash the planet in order to make billions.
I use Hiro Macro search it on playstore its the same with this app but much more easy to use..

This can lead to players spending hours in front of their screens, tapping away to make sure they are not logged off and exposed to attack.Up until now, there was no real way of automating the process—short of building a robot to play for you—but now there is RepetiTouch, from developer Erwin Goslawski.
Your role is to plan and construct a safer environment, assess the disaster risk for the 5 environmental disaster hazards, while attempting to limit the damage when natural hazards strike. Although a single player game, it can be played collaboratively in groups which encourages collaboration and discussion.
Highest scores are kept track of and recorded, which also encourages competing against everyone in the world.

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