Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are designed to alert mobile users in the United States about kidnappings, known as Amber Alerts, severe weather, and presidential announcements for national emergencies.
Windows Phone 8Windows Phone users can swipe left or hit the arrow key at the bottom of the Start screen to enter the Applications list. Feature phonesEmergency alerts are also sent to basic mobile phones, more commonly referred to as feature phones. Scroll to the bottom of the page were you will be presented with an option to disable both Amber and emergency alerts.

Then, choose Messages, select the More option, which is represented by three dots on the lower-right-hand side of the screen, enter Settings, and go to Emergency Alerts. For those individuals who haven't yet upgraded to a smartphone, emergency alerts can be disabled by sending the word "stop" or "cancel" to 26237 (AMBER). There is one caveat, though: there is currently no way to turn off the presidential alerts. Once opened, you will be given the option to disable extreme threats, severe threats, and Amber Alerts.

If you can't find the emergency alert option in your phone's settings, open the Messaging application and look for the option in the messaging settings.

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