My Special Needs Info | Established to provide resources to improve the lives of individuals with special needs who are developmentally disabled. Mission Statement:The mission of the My Special Need Info Directory is to achieve optimal well-being for individuals and families by promoting health, safety, employment and education through the agencies, programs and community services, strengthening the community by enhancing quality of life of adults with mental disabilities. Socializing and participating in group activities is an important part of life for anyone, and it can be difficult for those with special needs or developmental disabilities to find appropriately paced activities. This collection of sites is not a ranking, but it represents some of the most useful resources for special ed teachers, parents of those with special needs, and even special needs individuals themselves. Summer camps, and even camps with year-round programs, provide a great opportunity for young people with special needs to spend time with peers and have fun socializing. Parents looking to keep their child with special needs active should look no further than Camp Greentop in Catoctin National Park in Maryland. The Amputee Coalition holds a special Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp for children who have lost limbs or were born with limb differences.
Easter Seals New Hampshire is an incredible organization that advocates on behalf of those with special needs to ensure they are able to live the life of equal opportunities they’re entitled to. Camp Huntington is a summer camp dedicated to providing children with special needs an environment that is safe, fun, and promotes the development of their strengths. Camp Victory is a safe haven for children with various special needs, chronic health problems, or with physical and mental disabilities. Organizations offering music, dance, and sporting activities often have programs that allow those with special needs to compete and collaborate with peers at the same level of skill as them, which provides a nurturing environment for both socialization and developing particular skills.
Path International is an organization created explicitly to apply the therapeutic values of riding a horse to special needs children. An awesome outlet for alleviating some of the stress and rigor associated with being a caregiver for special needs children is Friday’s Kids Respite. Making Friends Social Center does an absolutely wonderful job of addressing special needs children who may need help with their social skills. Kidnetic Energy is an awesome initiative based in Columbus, Ohio that provides special needs children dance and gymnastics classes to stay healthy, active, and happy. When it comes to young adults with special needs, there is often a lack of options relating to being social and this is why Temecula Valley Dance Connection is so crucial.
Grand Jete Dance Studio: Special Needs Program works to promote basic movement skills, ballet, along with jazz and creativity.
Owensboro Dance Theatre has a fantastic special needs dance therapy program and they work ardently to incorporate special needs students into this engaging class.
Orlando USA Dance: Special Needs Programs helps to include individuals with special needs into dance classes with their Ballroom Dance Program. There are numerous benefits to riding a horse and Therapeutic Riding Incorporated works with special needs individuals to allow them to work on social skills, form a bond with a horse, strengthen muscles and more. Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center emphasizes the benefits to riding horses and uses special programs to work with individuals with disabilities. Our brains connect to music in unique ways, which is why Back Mountain Music Therapy is so effective in working with special needs children. Ambler Music Academy has impressive music therapy options that help those with various special needs. The Rhythm Tree: Music Therapy has dedicated their resources to connecting with special needs children and helping them further cognitive abilities as it pertains to musical development. Harmony Music Therapy showcases the numerous ways music can benefit people, and particularly how it helps those with special needs.
The benefits of music therapy have long been established and Music Therapy for All Ages provides a great avenue through which those with special needs can develop unique pathways neurologically. The Miracle League of Frisco is a sports organization designed to give special needs children an outlet through which they can have fun and be active.
The Special Needs Options page from New York Sports Connection is an incredible page for residents of New York City who are looking for sports-related activities to get their child involved in. Texas Cheer Allstars has a program that incorporates special needs children and provides a large self-esteem boost for many in their community.
Sky High Sports has a Special Needs Day in which they open their trampoline center to special needs children on the first Tuesday of each month. Acting Antics, Inc aims to work with those who have special needs through theatre and music. Happy HeARTS Yoga works to engage special needs children through the calming activities of yoga.
Yes, You Can Dance Special Needs page shows how to go about engaging special needs individuals through dance.
Kennedy Dance Center has a Special Needs Program that helps students with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other developmental disabilities stay active and have fun. The Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center is one of the largest and oldest therapeutic riding centers in the country and cater to the needs of individuals with developmental and learning disabilities.
Therapeutic Riding focuses on giving special attention to special needs children, specifically Autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many others.
Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship understands the various ways that riding a horse can benefit individuals and this relationship with special needs children should not be understated.

Ride Your Horse impressively details how special needs children can find increased sensory skills and build an emotional connection to these horses. Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding Inc uses their site to detail how effective therapeutic riding can be for many different children, particularly special needs ones. The Center for Therapeutic & Educational Riding works extensively to offer the most affordable care for special needs children or those who are at risk in the state of Delaware and the surrounding area.
Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center incorporates special needs children into their lesson plans and is an integral part of providing children increased emotional stability. Carousel Farms: Special Programs for Exceptional People is a day camp for those with special needs. The Groovy Garfoose emphasizes music therapy and its benefits in the context of special needs children. Special Needs Gymnastics gives individuals who wish to stay physically active, but may have a disability that inhibits this to an extent.
Renowned for their commitment to helping include those with special needs or disabilities, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center is a worthwhile site to check out.
Stride Adaptive Sports works to fulfill the dreams of the special needs individuals they support by giving them a range of options that increase self-esteem and enable them to participate in different sport and recreational activities.
The Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio is an organization that empowers those with special needs to have the health and wellness they deserve.
Travel can be downright inaccessible for people with special needs, and a cottage industry of special needs focused travel agents and trip planners has sprung up to help provide opportunities that those without special needs take for granted. Special Needs Vacation by V works with families to get them all the resources and options concerning going on vacation with an individual who has unique mobility needs.
People and Places has many different resources relating to vacation options for those with special needs. Ventures Travel specializes in supervised vacations to help people with disabilities to have access to the fun they deserve and be uninhibited from the obstacles that might get in the way of their trip.
Sundial Special Vacations has been organizing and executing vacations and excursions for those with developmental disabilities since 1968 and they work ardently to ensure all individuals have access to recreational endeavors that improve their quality of life.
Shared Adventures gives people with disabilities a wealth of information and how-to concerning traveling with disabled individuals. Special Vacations is a comprehensive source for preparing to go on vacation with an individual who has special needs. From regional social services organizations to blogs about special needs activities, a wide variety of great resources is available online for anyone who wants to help provide opportunities for those with special needs. The Arc Alliance works to ensure that special needs individuals have access to all the resources to live the most independent and self-sufficient lives possible. Johnny’s Rainbow Foundation works with families to get their special needs children various holiday gifts, such as communication devices, camps, sensory equipment, and more.
Fantastic Friends understands the difficulties of being a teenager and having a special need immediately makes it harder to find an environment that is intuitive to fostering social skills.
The Society of Accessibly Travel & Hospitability is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the needs of travelers with disabilities and help promote travel opportunities in the United States. If, due to a disability, you have any special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.
A big part of special education is not only providing academic learning opportunities for those with special needs, but helping them to develop social skills. Anyone who is on a mission to provide great opportunities for learning and interaction to those with special needs will find something useful here. Many camps cater specifically to campers with autism spectrum disorder or other more generalized special needs. The non-profit organization also is an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns and other various programs to support the families of children with special needs. For parents, the site is useful because it provides an outlet for their special needs children.
They’ve built impressive services with special needs children that include canoeing, fishing, swimming, and horseback riding, among other options.
Parents are strongly encouraged to check out this site if their child is in need of help, including boarding schools, wilderness therapy, and residential treatment.
They provide a truly incredible support group for special needs individuals, but also victims of abuse, battered women, and even Youth After-Drug rehab. Ranier Therapeutic Riding provides carefully crafted therapeutic horsemanship training for soldiers who have returned from war with visible or invisible wounds that need to heal. It’s a great way to ensure that a special needs child is getting the physical activity and creative stimulation that can often improve quality of life. It highlights the numerous social benefits to the program and has a wealth of supplementary information as well. The competitive aspect of many sports is disengaging for many and this is a great way for parents to get their special needs children active and engaged. From the bond developed with the horse to learning to control different aspects of riding one, the site showcases how to approach improving the quality of life for those with special needs.
Teachers can use the site to see what a career is like in music therapy, while parents can utilize the information pertaining to music therapy.

The benefits of music therapy are well documented and parents should consider enrolling their children in this particular program because of their outstanding commitment to those with special needs.
Their site has a wealth of resources concerning those with special needs, so parents should definitely check out their page. Parents should definitely consider enrolling their special needs child into a program such as this because of the benefits it has. The site uses a really great blog to supplement with great material detailing different aspects of being special needs and what you can expect to gain from music therapy. The site itself is worth checking out as well to get information on music therapy in general. Based in North Texas, parents in the area are strongly recommended to enroll their special needs children into the organization. The page highlights how successful they’ve been at working with special needs children and is great to read up on how to be a cheerleader, even with special needs.
This is great for parents looking to get their special needs child active in a welcoming and safe environment. They help to minimize the special needs and empower these individuals to be the happiest possible.
They stress equality and are an awesome source for parents who want to get their special needs child engaged physically and socially at the same time. They specialize in Autism and parents with special needs children should definitely inquire to the benefits yoga can have for their child on this site.
The organization is able to foster lasting and memorable relationships between special needs children and these horses.
Their site has information on how to get further involved, along with useful events for engaging special needs children more. The site has a wealth of information on how the organization works to engage children and improve their quality of life.
They strongly desire to improve the lives of those with special needs and therapeutic equine activities have proven very effective.
The site has great information on how others in the community can help with volunteering and giving special needs children the most opportunities possible. Since many special needs children just need to be engaged in a different manner, music therapy provides a wonderful avenue to do this.
If you have a special needs child and want to know what you can do in terms of having a care provider while on vacation, consider this site.
Special Adventures focuses on all-inclusive vacation packages for those who are 16 and older with disabilities. Since Ventures Travel is so experienced with helping special needs individuals, they’re a definite recommendation. Based in Colorado, their programs are incredible well put-together and their site is loaded with useful information to parents on policy practices and a dense Resources section. Their section of Quick Links is useful as well for finding information on various vacation options. The site has all the information on various summer camps, sports programs, and in-depth information on how disabled people can stay active. As a parent who may be looking for ways to afford various items for a special needs child, Johnny’s Rainbow Foundation can help tremendously. The site breaks down all the different ways their services are able to impact those with special needs and should be used as a guide. There are many camps that offer special needs oriented programs, as well as athletic organizations, therapeutic horse riding groups, and purely social groups that can entertain those with special needs and help them grow socially and emotionally. Parents should check out the page for great information on how horse riding can benefit their child. Parents should at least read the many different information sections on the site that detail the numerous benefits for children therapeutic riding can have.
Parents are strongly recommended to check out this site and their wide array of information about how music therapy will be able to help their special needs child.
Parents who check out this page will be pleased to read through the information on how the organization operates. They’re largely successful and for this, the site is a necessity for parents trying to vacation with a special needs individual. Parents should check out this site for their special needs child as adulthood approaches and strives for more independence are attempted. Special needs focused travel agencies and vacation planners also provide the valuable service of opening up the world to travelers of varying physical and mental ability levels.

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