Met Office partnership with the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC)In developing a UK-based space weather forecasting service the Met Office has become a member and partner of ISIC. Another unique opportunity that the meteorology students enjoyed was the daily HPC weather briefings which were Adam Schwantes's (NCO intern) favorite part of the internship.
On November 29, the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) and NCEP's Central Operations (NCO) worked together with the United Kingdom Meteorological (UKMET) Office to implement the experimental World Area Forecast System (WAFS) cumulonimbus cloud, icing and turbulence forecasts to support an initiative from the international WAFS community to harmonize the WAFS aviation grids for those quantities.
These were delivered to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices as AWIPS line graphics depicting slight, moderate, or high risk of snowfall exceeding 4, 8, or 12 inches and freezing rain exceeding 0.25 inch in 24 hours over the conterminous US (CONUS). The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) held a joint US-United Kingdom (UK) workshop on space weather October 11-13, 2011.
The workshop was motivated by the visibility space weather received during President Obama's visit to the UK and his conversations with UK Prime Minister Cameron about joint US-UK collaborations in this area. The Aviation Weather Center (AWC) has developed an Experimental Aviation Winter Weather Dashboard. The forecast center modernization included updates to all IT infrastructure, improving the reliability of the systems and increasing the forecasters' ability to display and interpret more space weather data in real-time. Space Weather Forecasters Monty Spencer (foreground) and Jeff Stankiewicz (background) analyze space weather data in the new SWPC Forecast Center. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) Director Tom Bogdan joined a select group of scientists and administrators from NOAA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for lunch with the Secretary, where they learned of his desire to transform research and development accomplishments into jobs and economic prosperity for the nation.
For a long time, NCEP didn't have very many interns walk through the halls of the World Weather Building, but with the establishment of the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) at Howard University there has been a surge of interaction between NCEP and the university. The bulletin boards will display weather hazard icons that can be changed daily by the park officials, based on information provided by the NWS.
If the pilot project is deemed successful, additional weather information may be added at the head of the more popular trails, and the program likely expanded to additional parks in Oklahoma.
An avid weather enthusiast, Nelson met with NHC Director Bill Read, Deputy Director Ed Rappaport and Hurricane Research Division Director Frank Marks.

Space weather scientists "inject" solar events into the WSA-Enlil model to understand how the space weather storm system is likely to unfold. The ultimate aim is to take all the various models used for space and weather forecasting, and bringing them together - which is no small task.
If all goes to plan, by later this spring there will always be a trained space weather forecaster on duty at the Met Office's normal forecasting centre. NOAA is now using a sophisticated forecast model that substantially improves predictions of space weather impacts on Earth.
This dashboard displays guidance that conveys the potential of winter weather impact to the FAA's Core 30 airports (with the exception of Honolulu).
These linked numerical forecast models simulate physical conditions and phenomena from the base of the sun's corona out into interplanetary space, to Earth and beyond. That's what a team of meteorologists at the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Norman hope to discover. Tom Bogdan explains the importance of space weather and relays how it has the potential to disrupt every major public infrastructure system. The National Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (NAWIPS) was provided as the integrated display system for overlaying OSVW, altimeter wave heights, surface data, and numerical weather prediction forecast data on top of the Meteosat Second Generation RGB Airmass products. A space weather forecast model, which forecast the arrival of three successive coronal mass ejections -- big blasts of plasma from the sun -- in early August. At the meeting, it was agreed that a magnetic bulletin board will be placed in the entryway of the Refuge Visitor Center, with an additional weather-proof board placed at a popular campsite within the park. The goal is to develop a UK-based space weather forecasting service that will monitor the way the Sun's matter and energy changes and predict how these changes are likely to affect the Earth's environment.
They brought a prototype weather awareness bulletin board to be displayed in the visitor.s center. Full NAM computational domain with locations of the CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico nested domains and examples (in yellow) of the moveable fire weather nest domain.

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) recently completed a modernization of its operational forecast center. The goal is to develop a UK-based space weather forecasting service that will monitor the way the Sun's matter and energy changes and predict how these changes are likely to affect the Earth's environment.Helping make this a reality is Mark Gibbs who is in charge of the Met Office's space weather strategy and development. This nest, designed primarily to support Fire Weather forecasting, can be placed anywhere within the CONUS or Alaska nests.
Fire weather nest forecast of sea level pressure and 1-h accumulated precipitation valid 0600 UTC 28 August 2011. This has seen Met Office forecasters getting on-the-job space weather forecasting training at NOAA's centre in Boulder, Colorado - benefiting from the experience the US has in this field. The reaction from park officials was overwhelmingly positive, especially given their knowledge of vulnerable campsites and trails plus the weather-related rescues needed in the past year. IBM was awarded the $502M (inclusive of options) federal contract for the next operational weather and climate supercomputer on Nov. Additionally, WFO Norman will provide a NOAA weather radio at the campsite, so that campers can check for the latest hazardous weather information, without stopping in at the visitor's center.
This upgrade provides a faster more reliable network connection between NCEP, DoD, NESDIS and the National Weather Service (NWS) Telecommunication Operations Center (TOC). Outside of the fire weather season, this nest is run for significant weather events as determined by the NCEP Senior Duty Meteorologist in coordination with the NCEP Centers.

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