Last week, NASA announced that in 2012 the Earth narrowly avoided being hit by the largest solar coronal mass ejection recorded since before electric power grids and telecommunication satellites were a thing. We've watched this masterpiece of disaster-movie brilliance, and here's why it should totally be part of your next drunken evening of yelling at your television. This is the kind of movie that makes you appreciate the cinematic genius of films like Armageddon and The Core.
Disaster movies don't come any bigger than the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, and 2012 imagines this scenario by unleashing modern day cinematic pyrotechnics to full effect.
As a movie, 2012 unfortunately wades straight into Hollywood cliche swampland, with arduous debates about who deserves to be saved, some superfluous characters making the briefest of appearances and mostly just cluttering up the film, and a cringe-inducing climax in which a heroic sacrifice is sacrificed at the altar of guaranteed syrup-heavy happy endings.

The only problem, as shown with these eight disaster movies, is the natural disaster portrayed on screen does not contain one ounce of realism. What was fun about these movies was the cardboard acting and special effects on a quality level equal to bad home movies. The movie centers on particles from solar flares causing mass destruction through earthquakes, volcanoes and such by dramatically heating the Earth's core. Fortunately or unfortunately, along with the rest of civilization, the solar crisis duology Cat. 2012 does not pretend to be anything other than a rollercoaster thrill ride, an epic disaster movie built on a foundation of deliriously effective special effects.

With no major stars demanding a huge share of screen time, Cusack and Ejiofor provide a solid tandem to keep the action moving, Cusack from everyman's perspective and Ejiofor from inside the government bunkers. Big budget disaster films made a comeback in the mid-'90s when visual effects technology advanced enough to let them create spectacular natural disasters that were supposed to feel more real.

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